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Lisa'a bicycle at Watershed Management Group headquarters

News4Tucson (KVOA)


Sun Rideshare is offering up incentives to use alternate modes of transportation.

The Environmental Protection Agency is scheduled to release new pollution standards in October, which could potentially put Tucson in non-attainment if it... Read more

Conceptual Site Plan



This week’s interview on The Weekly Green, is with the ever so hilarious Kieran Sikdar, Program Manager, from Watershed Management Group. Listen to Kieran tell us all about WMG’s Consulting Services.

From WMG’s site: “Get expert advice... Read more

Poo to Peaches book cover

AZ Daily Star


Everybody poops.

There are plenty of books that say so.

But not everybody composts their waste to fertilize their trees.

That’s why Watershed Management Group has written a children’s book for preschool and elementary-age... Read more

The San Juan Generating Station

Tucson Weekly


A coalition of state environmental, community and business groups, including the Sierra Club, Tierra Y Libertad Organization, Robert Bulechek Energy Management, Borderlands Brewing Co., Solar Possibilities Consulting, Sustainable Tucson, Casa... Read more

Co-op group moving a cistern.



This week on The Weekly Green, Gretchen interviews Kieran Sikdar, Program Manager at Watershed Management Group, here in Tucson. They discuss WMG’s Co-op program.

The Co-op program utilizes a “barn raising” model. Volunteers participate... Read more

Catlow Shipek advises Ronni Kotwica about water harvesting and landscaping at her midtown home, which is has been inundated with accumulated rainfall accumulation and runoff.
Catlow Shipek, a senior program manager with Watershed Management Group, sketches a possible water harvesting and landscape plan after a consultation.

Arizona Daily Star


Heavy rain floods the midtown street where Ronni and Roland Kotwica live, causing water to lap close to the front door.

“We get inundated with water,” Ronni Kotwica explains. Two years ago they laid sandbags in front of their house... Read more

Not a fan of the cylindrical shape? Reinforced-concrete, or ferrocement, structures allow for more flexibility.
One of two water-harvesting storage tanks at Kay Baumann’s home. It matches the flagstones, rock planters.

Arizona Daily Star


Randy Young, a Tucson general contractor and master auto mechanic, is working on a rainwater-harvesting modular system of concrete walls that could be built throughout the landscape.

Young calls his idea Walls 2.0, which could turn “... Read more

Glendale Rain Garden outside the Glendale Main Library during an Aug. 12 storm

Glendale Star


The City of Glendale’s Water Services Department, Conservation and Sustainability Division known for its award-winning programs took home another honor. Glendale received top ranking in the 2014 Water Resource Center’s “Catch the Rain”... Read more

Tucsonan Scott Mencke, and his 3-year-old son, Reef, use water from their water havesting cistern to water their garden at home.

Arizona Daily Star


Small businesses and people who carve curb cuts in front of their homes can likely start getting rebates for water harvesting sometime before July 2015, a Tucson Water spokesman says.

By unanimous vote, the Tucson City Council agreed... Read more

An outdoor, solar heated shower is popular with WMG employees who bicycle to work. Water can easily be directed to nearby plants and trees.
At this midtown house, rainwater flows off the roof and down a decorative rain chain into a pot. The pot drains under a walkway to fill the yard's basin, which is lined with rocks.

Arizona Daily Star


Tucsonans on the cutting edge of desert-lands conservation opened their yards and businesses last weekend to show off their water harvesting systems, solar energy features, outdoor showers and even their composting toilets.

Watershed... Read more

Tucson Water doesn’t oppose the expansion of the harvesting rebate program but questions its benefits. Scott Mencke, above, says the program needs more time and public education to succeed.
Mencke, with his 3-year-old son, Reef, defrayed the cost of his collection system with a $2,000 rebate from Tucson Water.

Arizona Daily Star


The chile peppers, lettuce and kale growing in a wire mesh pen in Scott Mencke’s backyard garden show rainwater harvesting at its best.

All were nourished with rainwater stored in a 3,000-gallon, 8-foot-tall, 8-foot diameter steel cistern... Read more

You don't have to spend big bucks to collect rainwater.
The homeowners here filled in an old pool and made an attractive garden out of it. Rainwater is stored nearby and used for irrigation.

Arizona Daily Star


Have you ever wondered what it takes to install a water harvesting system for your landscape? Is it a do-it-yourself project, or would you be better off hiring someone? How much water can you save?

And just how practical is a home solar... Read more

Outdoor shower

Edible Baja Arizona


Three Simple Systems for $50 or Less

By Lisa Shipek

WHEN YOU USE GREYWATER, you can turn the drudgery of household chores into gardening. My husband and I joke about doing dishes: “Whose turn is it to water the pomegranate?” I love... Read more

KGUN9 Morning Blend


Get to know Watershed Management Group including their co-op program, water harvesting design and construction services, and new living lab and learning center in central Tucson.

Prescott Adult Center

Prescott News


Prescott Creeks & Watershed Management Group will be hosting two upcoming workshops on Rain Gardens and Green Infrastructure.

Saturday, May 17 from 9 am – 3 pm at the (1280 E Rosser St) will be a workshop on Rain Gardens in the... Read more

Glendale Main Library

Your West Valley


The Xeriscape Demonstration Garden in front of the Glendale Main Library was fairly cutting edge when unveiled in 1992.

Over the years, though, city officials and those who maintained the garden realized rainwater headed down its slopes... Read more

WMG works in Sierra Vista

Sierra Vista Herald


Thanks to a public workshop, Sierra Vista’s city complex now shows off not only active rainwater harvesting but also passive techniques that put stormwater to work, while also cleaning it before it reaches the San Pedro River.

On Friday, a... Read more

AZ Public Media


Clean and dependable water is a valuable resource in desert environments like Southern Arizona.

Watershed Management Group - a local, nonprofit organization, whose main goal is to educate the public, and help them connect with the... Read more

Arizona Public Media


It's been common to turn garden plants or kitchen scraps into compost, but some people in Tucson are working on a program to try to convert human waste into a safe and effective alternative for compost.

Members of Watershed Management... Read more

Arizona Daily Star


From a rooftop swamp cooler watering a desert hackberry to a ferrocement cistern that holds 1,300 gallons of water, Saturday’s third annual Home-Scape Tour covers a wide variety of water-harvesting systems.

The systems at the self-guided... Read more