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Frequently Asked Questions

Watershed Management Group believes strongly in transparency and clarity to foster trust and strong partnerships. Please find below a listing of frequently asked questions. If you still have unanswered questions, please contact us.

General Information

Is WMG a 501(c)(3) non-profit? Yes, we have been registered as a non-profit since 2003 in the United States. We are incorporated in the state of Arizona and our EIN number is 20-0637567.

How is WMG funded? WMG relies on a wide variety of funding sources that include private donations, corporate donations, competitive grants through private and public entities, and fees for service.

How can I get involved, learn more, or help WMG? WMG relies on dedicated volunteers for activites, including: hands-on workshop volunteers, interns, administrative assistants, fundraisers, and board and advisory board members. Sign up to receive WMG’s weekly email Action Bulletin, which include announcements about events and a variety of volunteer opportunities.

How do I sign up to learn of upcoming volunteer opportunities? Sign up to receive WMG’s weekly email Action Bulletin or check our calendar for upcoming events.

How do I sign up to receive WMG's paper newsletter? Our newsletter, A Watershed Moment, is sent out to all of our current donors. If you would like to receive the newsletter in your mailbox, make a gift to WMG. You can also see PDFs of our previous newsletters.

Where does WMG work? WMG's office is based in Tucson, but we work with a variety of communities in the US and abroad. View a graphical representation of where we work or see interactive maps of our Tucson area public projects or our Phoenix area public projects.

How does WMG work? WMG develops community-driven solutions to urban and rural environmental challenges. We provide consultation services, educational workshops, professional trainings, presentations, and project design and implementation. We prioritize working with communities in need and ensure success through diverse partnerships.  

What is the Water Harvesting Certification Program, and how do I apply for the next training? Visit the Water Harvesting Certification page to learn more about the certification program and scheduled courses. The Certification program is open to anyone interested in furthering their understanding of the design and implementation of water-harvesting systems.

Does WMG offer internships? WMG offers internship opportunities for students and others seeking to deepen their knowledge and skills in areas of WMG's expertise. Visit our Jobs and Interships page for more information.

How do I learn more about becoming a board member? Please contact Lisa Shipek to learn more about our Board of Directors, Advisory Board, and other committees.

Where can I find WMG's financial disclosures? Visit our Annual Reports page to download yearly financial reports.

Residential Questions

How can I as a homeowner or renter receive help with water conservation projects? WMG offers consultation services for advice on water-harvesting features, erosion and flooding, and general water and energy conservation practices. These visits are charged hourly ($90/hour) including time for travel from our office 1137 N Dodge Blvd with a one hour minimum. Learn more on our Services for Your Home page or contact us to set up an appointment.

Does WMG recommend any specific water-harvesting contractors/installers? Please contact us for recommendations for cistern installers, plumbers, and landscape professionals in Tucson. We will provide you with a list of professionals we have worked with in the past who we believe produce high quality work.

Does WMG work with homeowner's associations? Yes, WMG works with homeowner associations and other community groups to facilitate and/or consult on sustainable landscaping, rainwater cisterns, greywater, erosion control, and green infrastructure.

Is WMG a licensed contractor? Yes, WMG is a licensed contractor. ROC#301047

Neighborhood Questions

What types of green infrastructure improvements are available to neighborhoods? WMG promotes neighborhood improvements that range from traffic circles, chicanes, right-of-way stormwater basins, permeable paving, and conversion of barren lots into green space. All of the improvements integrate native plants, rainwater harvesting, energy conservation, and alternative transportation. Visit our Services for You Neighborhood page to learn more.   

What are the benefits of green infrastructure improvements? WMG believes any designed improvement should address multiple issues and integrate site characteristics and community needs. Green infrastructure improvements can address streetside stormwater flooding, calm traffic flow, shade and cool neighborhood streets and sidewalks, promote urban wildlife habitat, beautify streets, and more. Learn more about the benefits on our Dig Deep: Green Streets page.

K-12 Educational Questions

How can I receive help with a water conservation project for my school? WMG works with a limited number of schools in the Tucson and Phoenix areas each year through grant funds with our Schoolyard Water Education Program. Grant rounds are announced about once a year through WMG's email bulletins and on our website. We can also work with schools through a fee for service arrangement to create customized programs. Please contact Joaquin for more information on fee for service project arrangement.

Funding and Partnerships

How can I make a donation to support WMG’s work? Donations are greatly appreciated and critical to WMG's ability to provide quality educational and technical services to meet community needs. You can make a gift online or mail a check to Watershed Management Group, 1137 N Dodge Blvd, Tucson, AZ 85716.

I would like to become a business sponsor or sponsor a WMG program. Who do I contact and what recognition will I receive? Please contact us to learn more about sponsorship opportunities and benefits. Sponsors are promoted on our sponsors page and with posters and announcements at events.

How can my business or organization partner with WMG on a project/program? WMG believes strongly in building community networks through working partnerships with other businesses and organizations. Please contact the Executive Director if you are interested in learning more about potential partnerships.