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Services for Your Business

Make your business’ landscape a model for desert living while creating a beautiful and functional space for your clients and staff.

Get started on the right track with an on-site consultation or conceptual site plan and even take your project to completion through a Build Workshop!

Design and Installation Services

On-site Consultation. One of our experts will come to your business, answer all your questions, identify hidden opportunities, and propose time and money saving strategies.

Conceptual Design Plan. Our design professionals will visit your business to evaluate your site and complete a conceptual plan with written recommendations for your landscape makeover. Our plan will give you a roadmap for a step-by-step transformation of your landscape.

Build Workshop. Your staff and community of supporters can help you transform your landscape through a community workshop to install any of the water-harvesting features below. Your WMG project manager will plan a fun and educational workshop.

Options to Green Your Landscape

Rain Garden. Sculpt your landscape to capture the rainwater pouring off your roof or hardscape and create a lush, water-conscious landscape. We’ll customize the style and plant palette to meet your needs and create a functional and aesthetic rain garden.

Rain Tanks. We will work with you to customize a rain tank system for your landscape and water supply needs. Tank installation includes recommended best practices: all potable-grade materials, leaf diverter, 1st flush pre-filtration, full port valves, and overflow directed to infiltration basin with protective cover.

Green Infrastructure. Turn your sun-baked street into an inviting lane or transform your parking lot into a shady grove. We will plan your project to capture stormwater to irrigate shade trees and native pollinator plants and help navigate utilities and the permitting process.

Urban Orchard. Be fruit-full and route all accessible greywater sources to irrigate an urban orchard of 3 – 20 trees. We will utilize distribution from your bathroom and break room sinks, employee showers, and more for your abundant landscape!

Other Green Business Features. Ask us about soil building, composting toilets, chicken coops, passive solar, and more.

Begin your landscape transformation today. Request our design and project manager services here.See an interactive map of our public project sites
Why Hire WMG?

WMG is a non-profit organization working to improve the communities we serve to benefit all people. Our project managers have professional degrees and rigorous field training with the leading experts in water harvesting, green infrastructure, natural resource management, and community design. Not only will we ensure our work is technically sound and top quality, we will ensure your solutions are customized to meet your needs and train your staff and contractors in proper use and maintenance.

All revenues earned are invested in our public education programs, so your dollars go even farther to benefit your local community.
* You can also become a business sponsor of Watershed Management Group (see list of benefits). *

Questions? Email us or make a request.