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Your Living Lab and Learning Center

From water harvesting to lush food forests, the Living Lab is your community educational resource for regenerative desert living.

Visitors of all ages are invited to explore sustainability practices in action through our interactive exhibits and demonstrations in the heart of Tucson. As the headquarters of WMG, the Living Lab also houses our staff working on programs that span Tucson, Mexico, and the Southwest. We are proud to “walk the talk” each day as the 2016 winner of Arizona's Greenest Workplace challenge. Come join us in drinking our rainwater, using the composting toilets, harvesting fresh snacks from the food forest, enjoying native gardens, and biking or busing to the Living Lab.

Come visit us for a tour or class at your Living Lab.We're proud of the Living Lab's rich history and how it's always evolving.

Access WMG's Living Lab and Learning Center Data Portal for weather data, rainwater supply and demand, and moreSee what's new at your Living Lab and Learning Center - it's growing, changing, and developing all the time!

Living Lab & Learning Center News

a group of people enjoying native desert edibles
Next Family Saturday | Próximo Sábado Familiar: Native Edibles Plantas Nativas Comestibles May 18, 2024, 8:00am-11:00am Interactive Workshop: Learn how to harvest, prepare, and eat native edible plants. Younger kids will also enjoy meeting the hens, story and song time, and the kids playhouse. Activities for older kids and teens include learning real programming skills by coding a digital food forest using Scratch. All...
a mural of the santa cruz river in tucson
The piece is an abstract representation of the past, present, and future. There's a lot I depicted within this timeline to showcase all the beautiful minds we have living amongst ourselves and our mother earth. This opportunity gave me the chance to experiment with a concept that the Water has always been here while finding ways to collect, preserve, and share it in a non and native way, so with that in mind I used it as a portal to balance out the elements to create an understanding through...
a group of interns standing in the river smiling at the camera
Join Our Mission as an Intern! Transform Your Passion into Action Dive into the heart of environmental conservation with WMG’s paid internship opportunities! Whether you're a budding ecologist or an aspiring community leader, these roles are designed to give you hands-on experience and deepen your impact on our natural and urban landscapes. Positions are open for the Native Edible Trees Internship, River Run Network Internships, and Community Conservation Internship. ...
coderdojo logo
Coder Dojo will be offering free week-long coding/gaming workshops at the Living Lab - drawing on WMG's work in water-awareness and 'hydrolocal' practices. Through fun activities – such as exploring the rain gardens, food forest, and other water conservation practices, telling stories, making games, and collecting data - participants will consider what each can do to make the most of the water we have here in Tucson.  Who will be teaching the CoderDojo workshops? Dan...
lisa construction video
WMG’s Living Lab is demonstrating what a sustainable water future could look like – for homes and businesses across the West. Instead of depending on imported water, energy, and resources, we are harvesting nature’s abundance and wisely stewarding these resources. And now you have an opportunity to invest in that future, by supporting our Learning Center project.  The Learning Center is a multi-purpose classroom where we can teach and demonstrate hydro-local solutions to people...