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Services For Your Home

Check out our Conservation Kits to help you conserve water, grow native and edible gardens, and steward your soil. Living hydro-local can be affordable and simple!







Build Your Own Basin Program

Building your own basin (BYOB) is a low cost way to transform your yard one basin and shade tree at a time, and we're here to help you get started. Check out our online how-to resources as well as our seasonal BYOB workshops.

Laundry to Landscape Greywater Kit

Install your own laundry greywater system using this low-cost Laundry to Landscape (L2L) system. It is simple to install, easy to adjust, and no plumber is needed. If you need a little extra help, WMG offers free classes on how to install the Laundry to Landscape kit. And, check out our specialist visit and design services below if you need a little extra help planning your greywater system!

Composting Toilet Kit

Replace your traditional toilet with a waterless composting toilet and save thousands of gallons of water a year, while producing a safe, nutrient-rich fertilizer at home. Composting toilets are also an alternative to installing a costly septic system at a new home. WMG offers free classes on composting toilets. Check out our specialist visit services below to get guidance on installing a kit at your home!

Need help planning your project? We can help!

Updated Services

We are updating our residential services to better meet our diverse community’s needs, enhance our educational offerings, and focus on improving watershed health. The Green Living Co-op is winding down in 2022 in order for us to better assist people with affordable, hydro-local home projects. New Co-op projects will not be scheduled moving forward.

Our consultation and design services will continue and we have a list of water harvesting contractors that can install projects.

Specialist Visit ($75/hour)

Would you like specific help with planning or trouble-shooting sustainable systems? We can help! Our staff can help you understand how your system works, will troubleshoot any system issues, and can advise you on how to solve the issues. We can advise on the following topics: passive and active rainwater harvesting systems, greywater systems, irrigation systems, composting toilets, native and edible gardens, erosion control, and invasive plant removal.

Limited Income Residential Consult ($55/hour)
For qualifying Households we off our Specialist Visits at a discounted hourly rate. 

Integrated Water Harvesting Landscape Concept Plan

Our design professionals will visit your home to evaluate opportunities for rain gardens, rain tanks, greywater and compost systems, native and edible landscapes, wildlife habitat, and integrated design elements on your site and provide additional design detail for a specified project area. We explore your landscape's water supplies and needs as well as your financial and landscape goals to inform our designs. Package plans start at $375.



Visit our non-residential service pages below

HOA and Neighborhood

Non-Profit Services ($60/hour) Are you a grassroots or community-based non-profit? We offer reasonable hourly services for our fellow non-profit organizations.


Learn More by Attending a Class Check out our free class offerings:

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Hydrate at our Living Lab - hands-on trainings on a range of hydro-local strategies!
Rainwater & Greywater Incentive Program Educational Classes - learn how to save money!

Questions? Contact Jonah Ivy, Jivy@watershedmg.org; 520-396-3266 x18.