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Request a Laundry-to-Landscape Greywater Kit

Submit your request for a Do-it-Yourself (DIY) Laundry-to-Landscape Greywater Kit and start putting your laundry water to good use to grow fruit and shade trees at your home! Once we receive your request we will confirm your details, schedule a kit assembly training and pickup time (typically 2 weeks), and provide you with payment details. Pickup is available only from WMG offices at Speedway & Dodge in Tucson. 

In addition to the kit, upon pickup, we will review:

  • installation, routing, and diversion tips
  • maintenance and troubleshooting tips
  • benefits to you and the community
  • resource links to DIY instructions, use and maintenance, and weblinks

If you are interested in purchasing an L2L kit please note the following costs:
Kits are separated by indoor/outdoor plumbing needs, per your home's requirements. 

  • Diversion Kit (Indoor Plumbing)- $190
    This kit includes all parts needed for the diversion plumbing at the laundry machine:
    -Anti-siphon and plumbing fittings
    -3-way Diversion Valve
    -Additional Valve fittings
    *Note: Professional graywater plumbers should provide all diversion parts required, so you may not need these parts if you choose to hire a plumber

Then once you have diverted your greywater you may choose how to distribute the greywater in your landscape:

  • Distribution Kit (Outside Plumbing)- $157 (Poly) or $188 (PVC)
    This kit includes all parts needed for yard distribution from L2L outlet point:  
    -PVC Cleanout assembly

    -1" PVC to Poly adapter 
    -1" tubing (75 ft)

    -1/2" tubing (40 ft)
    -8 barbed T's 
    -8 fully adjustable outlets 

    *Additional kit options to extend or customize your system will be available at cost of parts if needed. 

We strive to provide water harvesting resources to people of all income levels. Please contact us for more information about qualifying for limited income discounting.

If you are a Tucson Water or Metro Water customer you may be eligible for a rebate for these costs.

Your info
Tucson Water customers are required to attend a free 2-hour educational class on greywater prior to submitting for a rebate. This class will also help you think through your greywater options before committing to a L2L kit.
Is the laundry machine inside the house and near/along an exterior wall?