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Tippy Taps Tucson

Tippy taps are affordable, low-tech hand washing stations. They're easy to build and provide an excellent way to wash your hands - contact-free!  They also conserve water and are simple to use.

With more than a decade of experience with tippy taps and ecosanitation through our international work, WMG is pleased to offer this one-stop-shop webpage of resources for the Tucson community and beyond. If you or your organization are interested in installing tippy taps on your property, click on the yellow button below to fill out our request form. They are available for purchase, with discounted prices for community organizations and schools. You can also use the resources below to construct your own tippy tap. 

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Installations and Testimonials

Tippy Tap at Southside Presbytarian Church Tippy Tap at Gateway Park Tippy Tap at Casa Maria Tippy Tap at Sister Jose Women's Center Tippy Tap at St. Demetrios Garden Tippy Tap at Blue Moon Garden


"One of our teachers had the idea of adding tippy taps to our school when we were discussing the need for heightened hand washing once we reopen. Our school has a very large playground and we spend a lot of time outside. Going indoors to wash hands is complicated with a group of young children and although hand sanitizer is helpful, we really prefer soap and water for washing hands. We are excited about using the tippy taps as a learning opportunity for the kids to learn about water conservation since we will be using the runoff gray water to water our trees on the playground, and up-cycling the water containers from their original purpose to use in this way. We also appreciate the foot pedal design of the tippy taps which avoids multiple hands touching a handle." - Jenny Douglas, Director, Second Street Children's School

"The opportunity for the public and our gardening community to wash hands and ensure personal hygiene during these challenging times brought on by COVID-19 is a service that will "go the distance" for weeks and months to come! Your support and assistance to CGT speak volumes to the power of partnerships in building a stronger, more vibrant, and healthy Tucson!" - J. Scott Feierabend, Director, Community Gardens of Tucson

"The homeless people that eat at the soup kitchen don’t have places to wash their hands, and now they have a place to do so thanks to Watershed Management Group. [Tippy Taps] are really easy to use and enhance the quality of life for people at the bottom." - Brian Flagg, Casa Maria Soup Kitchen