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Flow365: Community Science Monitoring Team

Become a Flow365 Monitor and help track the flow of Tucson's streams and rivers!

Record an observation here:

Flow365 volunteers monitor the status of flow in our creeks and rivers, check groundwater levels in accessible wells, and observe the plants and animals in local riparian habitats in the Tucson area. This data is vital to supporting our long-term goal of restoring Tucson’s heritage of flowing creeks and rivers through our River Run Network program.

Volunteers can submit their data using a smartphone app or through an online webform. Flow365 Monitors commit to a year of consistently monitoring their site. The data they collect throughout their time will be used by WMG to see the changes that are happening in our rivers. You can see some posts on the maps below.

Benefits of the Flow365 Program include:
- Regular visits to your local stream or river in Tucson
- Field training by WMG Staff Members
- Annual Volunteer Recognition event
- Exclusive information through our Flow365 Monthly Bulletin Email
- Special Flow365 swag for monitoring consistently throughout your year of service

Surface Flow Observations


Groundwater Observations


Data Sheet Observations


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