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Board of Directors

Margo Garcia Margot Garcia, Board President

Margot attended UC Berkeley, University of New Mexico and earned a MSc in Botany in 1965 at UW Madison. She attended the U of A while being an at-home Mom to two children, volunteering in a variety of organizations, and was elected to the Tucson City Council in 1975. She earned a PhD in Watershed Management in 1979. She worked for the Coronado National Forest, and the San Bernardino National Forest, taught at ASU in the Urban Planning and Landscape Architecture Department, and was chair of the Department of Urban Studies and Planning at Virginia Commonwealth University. In Tucson, she has been a member of the Environmental Services Advisory Committee, Transit Task Force, and a leader in the Broadway Coalition. Margot is delighted to return to her first love, watersheds and their importance in clean and adequate water supplies.

Bee Ottinger

Bee Ottinger, Board Vice President

Bee was a video editor in LA for years and recently retired to Tucson. She worked in commercials and music videos and gained experience in branding and public relations. She founded Skylight Production and guided it through the changing times of the digital revolution as it effected the entertainment industry. Bee was able to adapt and thrive as she took advantage of new, unseen opportunities. When she arrived in Tucson with time on her hands, she searched for an organization that had a pressing mission and the capability to effect the future of this beautiful city and environment. Although she had no previous experience in water management and WMG may seem like an odd fit, she found herself drawn to it and it’s people. She hopes to contribute her small business management skills and a look to the future.

Andrea FingerAndrea Finger, Board Treasurer

Andrea is a former investment analyst and current Adjunct Lecturer at the Eller College of Management at the University of Arizona, instilling a love of financial statements in current MBA candidates. She holds an MBA from the University of Chicago in Finance. Since moving to Tucson from the east coast, Andrea has volunteered her time consulting with various local non-profits on optimizing their financial strategy to achieve their growth goals and mission.


Ceanne AlvineCeanne Alvine, Board Member

Ceanne, PhD, RN spent her career in the healthcare industry. Her current interests are in promoting healthy desert ecosystems in the urban environment that will in turn enhance the well-being and health of the human population. Ceanne is a life-long environmentalist with a passion for water conservation, desert ecology, and wolf restoration programs. She hopes to use her healthcare policy experience and public health knowledge to further the mission of WMG. Ceanne enjoys gardening, water harvesting, bicycling and spending time with her family.

Sandra M. Bernal CordovasSandra M. Bernal Cordova, Board Member

​Originally from Mexico City, I earned a PhD in Arid Lands Resource Science with focus in Global Change and the Certificate of College Teaching at the University of Arizona. and my Bachelor’s degree in architecture from the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de México. My research is based on qualitative methods for identifying and analyzing the elements of the built environment that impact human health. My goal is to contribute to the concept of contemporary design priorities through in-depth studies of decision making process for built environments, seeking for healthy indoors and responsible use of natural resources. I am a lecturer at the School of Architecture in the U of A and I have multiple collaborations with educational, community and professional based organizations, and projects, for example: chair the Tucson chapter of the AZ's US Green Building Counci (USGBC)l, Member of the Tucson 2030 District, President of Fundacion Mexico, mentor at the US-Mexico Foundation and Board Member and Docent at Watershed Management Group.

Brian DrummondBrian Drummond, Board Member

Brian moved to Tucson in 2012 after serving 10 years in the US Navy. In making this decision, he understood the need to live sustainably in an area without a natural water source.  To help offset his footprint, Brian has installed rainwater harvesting cisterns, two grey water systems and spends his free time creating passive rainwater collecting earthworks at his house.  He is blessed to be able to serve with an organization that shares his passion for water conservation and becoming involved in the community.  Brian works as an Emergency Physician here in Tucson and loves to travel, teach, and play games while spending time with his amazing wife and 3 active boys.

Eva-Marie HubeEva-Marie Hube, Board Member

Eva-Marie relocated to Tucson from the Bay Area in 2015. As an enthusiastic environmentalist particularly concerned with water conservation, Eva-Marie immediately took to modifying her Tucson property to capture rainwater by creating passive earthworks and installing a cistern with the help of her neighbor. Eva-Marie continued to meet people in the community who were involved with Watershed Management Group and joined the Green Living Co-op. While working at Habitat for Humanity Tucson, Eva-Marie met a Watershed Management Group Board member and expressed her interest of becoming more involved with the organization to further the mission of water sustainability and growing awareness in the community. Eva-Marie worked in the non-profit field for three years and now works in digital marketing. She graduated from San Francisco State University with a BA in English Literature.

Jennifer PsillasJennifer Psillas, Board Member

Jennifer is a GIS Project Manager for the City of Tucson Parks and Recreation Department and an Adjunct Lecturer for the School of Geography and Development at the University of Arizona. She has a background in physical sciences and natural resources, with Master’s degrees in Watershed Management and GIS, and holds WMG’s certification in Water Harvesting Design. A Tucsonan since 1998, Jennifer enjoys road trips and camping, dabbling in various crafts and dance styles, and glomming onto any dog that will let her pet it because she loves dogs but doesn’t have one of her own.

Gordon YarringtonGordon Yarrington, Board Member


If you are interested in actively serving on the Board of Directors please contact us.

We are seeking technical advisers, enthusiastic fundraisers, community organizers, or most importantly motivated individuals committed to our mission.