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New Emerald Circle Launched for WMG's 20-year Anniversary

The Emerald Circle is our new giving group in recognition of donors who give $5,000 or more annually to Watershed Management Group (WMG). This is a growing group of donors, and we wanted to formally recognize these donors as well as invite new donors to this giving circle in honor of WMG's 20-year anniversary. Our goal is to welcome 20 donors into our Emerald Circle this year and grow this giving group annually to create a strong funding foundation for our program work in the 20 years to come. 

For the inaugural year of the Emerald Circle (2023), everyone who joins will be honored in a 20-year anniversary commemorative art piece at WMG's Living Lab and Learning Center. The art will be a permanent glass works piece at the Living Lab featuring glass in beautiful emerald shades. We are partnering with Margaret and Michael Joplin to design and create the piece, from Tucson-based design firm Design Collaborations.

We accept gifts in many forms and prefer check over credit card, due to credit card fees. We accept Individual Retirement Account distributions Individual Retirement Account QCD distribution, Transfer of Securities, Grants through a Donor Designated Fund, and Donor-Advised Funds. If you would like to discuss your gift, please contact WMG's Executive Director, Lisa Shipek, at lisa@watershedmg.org or call 520-396-3266 x 2. 

If you prefer to donate online, please make your gift here.

Donations are #1 source of funding for WMG to serve our diverse community in innovative ways.
Over the last five years, we’ve shifted away from fee-for-service water harvesting and green infrastructure installations to focus on our innovative community and educational programs, the majority of which we offer for free. Through free programming and strategic outreach, we are reaching a more diverse community of people, including families, limited income households, and underserved neighborhoods. Your donations are our largest source of revenue to fund programs like the River Run Network, education at the Living Lab and Learning Center, and our community conservation efforts.

Thank you for investing in WMG's mission as an Emerald Circle donor. Your support is fundamental to achieving our vision or restoring our heritage of flowing desert rivers and shifting our communities from being water consumers to water stewards towards a sustainable, hydro-local future.