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If you share our vision of revitalized desert rivers, healthy urban watersheds, and green, walkable neighborhoods—please help us create the Flow!

   Why should I become a Flow member?

Join the Flow!

Flow is WMG's monthly donor program for supporters who share our vision and want to provide funding that will sustain our education, restoration, and policy work. 

By making regular monthly gifts, you can give more over time, create continuity for our program work, and help create increased community vitality that grows and endures. Programs supported by Flow donation include the River Run Network, the Living Lab & Learning Center, WMG's Schoolyard Program, and WMG's policy work.

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Every drop counts—your sustaining gift as a Flow member makes a big difference.

$15/month: Ensures we can provide hands-on education to K-12 students.

$25/month: Funds our Living Lab and Learning Center educational programs, from free classes and tours to our Docent and Intern programs.

$50/month: Supports WMG’s policy work promoting green infrastructure, groundwater recharge, and river restoration in urban areas.

$84/month: Provides vital resources to advance our River Run Network and our 50-year vision to restore flowing desert rivers. At this giving level, you also join our major donor program - the Stewardship Circle.

Support the Flow

"I was working night shifts and wasn't able to volunteer consistently. Instead, I chose to support WMG’s programs by giving a small monthly contribution – which made it easy for me to know I am making a difference without having to think about it. As a nurse, I'm really passionate about public health and equity. That starts with ensuring we have a sustainable and regenerative future for Arizonans by protecting our watershed, restoring green spaces, creating more walkable neighborhoods, and improving transportation. We must change the way we interact with the environment, and WMG is providing the resources and support to make that possible." -Becka Eckhert, Flow Donor

“It was WMG’s 50-year vision and plan that got me to join the Flow program. WMG’s plan is no ‘pie in the sky’ ideology. It is science-based, it’s achievable, and it’s a huge step towards creating a water future that will enable both our city and our larger region to thrive in the changing environment of the 21st century.” - Katherine Waser, Flow Donor