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Active rainwater harvesting involves the use of gutters and tanks to channel and store rainwater. This allows you to “bank” rainwater in our unpredictable climate so you can stretch out the period of time rainwater is available for irrigating... Read more

Tucson Weekly


Over the last 56 years, more than 130,000 students have explored nature in the Tucson Mountains at the Cooper Center for Environmental Learning, an outdoor educational camp just north of Gates Pass that offers programs through a partnership... Read more

Arizona Daily Star


This dry winter is the perfect time to think about rain harvesting in your yard or home. Rainwater harvesting is either passive or active. In passive rain harvesting, your soil is the storage medium for the rain, while active rainwater harvesting... Read more

Tucson Local Media


With thousands of nonprofit organizations, Tucson regularly ranks as one of the most charitable cities in the country. Hundreds of these are even locally focused, meaning your contributions can directly feed back into the community. It’s no... Read more

The Counter


Rainwater harvesting has been used by humans throughout history as a way to control water supply. Advocates say the technology is a key component to improving water access and counter climate change.

On Navajo Nation land, a mostly rural... Read more



In an average year, Brad Lancaster can harvest enough rain to meet 95% of his water needs. Roof runoff collected in tanks on his modest lot in Tucson, Arizona — where 100 degree days are common in the summer months — provides what he needs to... Read more

Arizona Daily Star


How do you plant a tree? As the old joke goes, green end up. In Tucson, it’s a bit more complicated, and one big reason for that is caliche.

Caliche is a hardened soil layer common to desert soils. It is made up of calcium salts and... Read more

Arizona Daily Star


The nonprofit Watershed Management Group said that if higher fees or rates are approved, the money should go to a special fund supporting “green infrastructure” such as tree planting or rainwater harvesting systems that promote sustainable... Read more

Tucson Weekly


The Watershed Management Group is hosting their first Monsoon Film Festival on Thursday, Sept. 24, and is currently seeking film submissions from the public. The virtual Monsoon Film Festival is planned to share audience stories and... Read more

The Daily Wildcat


COVID-19 is continuing to devastate communities all across the United States and the world. Arizona is now ninth in the U.S. in confirmed COVID-19 cases and this growth is not projected to slow down.

Marginalized communities have been... Read more

Reservoirs in Desert

Lincoln Institute of Land Policy


After several hours of gentle rain in Tucson, water clogs the streets of the modest Palo Verde neighborhood. Traffic chokes a major intersection where an emergency vehicle’s flashing red and blue lights signal to cars to detour around a swamped... Read more

The Daily Wildcat


Recently, environmental organizations have had to slow down much of their efforts to promote the safety of staff and an awareness of other pressing societal issues. Some believe that this is even resulting in opportunities for the... Read more

Lisa Shipek, executive director of Watershed Management Group

AZ Daily Star


With the extension of the stay-home order by Gov. Doug Ducey and other similar extensions across the U.S., it’s becoming clear that COVID-19 will have a lasting impact on our daily lives.

During this period when we are stripped down to... Read more

Jean Fedigan, executive director of the Sister Jose Women’s Shelter located at 1050 S. Park Ave., shows the “Tippy tap” hand wash station to a woman.

Arizona Daily Star


Jean Fedigan has been handing out food and sanitary supplies to the homeless during the coronavirus emergency, but like many other shelter workers, she can’t allow anyone in the doors during the day at the Sister Jose Women’s Center.

That... Read more

Tippy Tap in use



Tucson city councilman Steve Kozachik is working with a local company to ensure the homeless can wash their hands adequately during this Coronavirus Pandemic. 

The Ward 6 leader has partnered with Watershed Management Group to construct 14... Read more

Tippy Tap



Tucson homeless population could be the forgotten element in our defense against COVID-19, but now donated effort, and some very basic engineering is  giving them a better chance to wash their hands and better defend against spreading the virus... Read more

Santa Cruz River Star Image

Arizona Daily Star


You can take in the rich history of the Santa Cruz River while sampling “nature-themed” cocktails all from the comfort of your own couch this Tuesday, April 7.

That’s when the Watershed Management Group is hosting a “Drunk History of the... Read more

Mexico News Daily Image

Mexico News Daily


A nongovernmental organization in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, has big plans to celebrate World Water Day on March 22, extending the festivities through the following week.

Dedicated to supporting communities without access to safe... Read more

Downtown Tucson Partnership


City High School with Watershed Management Group received a NOAA Recharge the Rain grant to create community resilience and green infrastructure.

City High teacher Jennifer Knochel says “This grant is important for our students because... Read more

AZ Star Beer Crawl

Arizona Daily Star


Starting Thursday, Feb. 6, beer enthusiasts across the state will rejoice in their love for a good brew.

Arizona Beer Week — which is actually longer than a week, ending Feb. 16 — is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year.

The... Read more