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A lush landscape supported by water harvesting.

Arizona Daily Star


You can check out nearly three dozen gardens and landscapes at two garden tours on Saturday, Oct. 28. Among the stops is a do-it-yourself backyard that embraces desert landscaping. Another shows how a homeowner solved a flooding problem and... Read more

Earthworks created by WMG at a local home that is on the tour.

Edible Baja Arizona


Tour some of the most eco-friendly homes in Tucson at Watershed Management Group’s 7th Annual Homescape Harvest Tour.

For the seventh year in a row, Watershed Management Group is partnering with some of Tucson’s most environmentally... Read more

The Weekly Green

KXCI's The Weekly Green


WMG’s Homescape Harvest Tour is an annual event, now in its seventh year, to give people the opportunity to see what is is being done at residential and non-residential sites to regreen our neck of the woods. This year’s tour includes 22 such... Read more

Waterharvesting cistern and earthworks at a Tucson home.

Cronkite News


Tucson and other parched Arizona cities offer rebates for businesses and homes that harvest rainwater, but the practice struggles to gain momentum in the Phoenix Valley.

The ancient method can conserve thousands of gallons of water,... Read more

WMG's Phoenix Program Manager Ryan Wood.

AZ Family Channel 3TV/CBS 5


TEMPE, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) - "In an ideal scenario it would be the first source of water we go to," said Ryan Wood, program manager for Watershed Management Group.

Rainwater harvesting has been a practice for Wood and his family for years.... Read more

Curb cut in a local Tucson neighborhood

KVOA Channel 4


Curb cuts enable storm water to drain from the street in to the dirt. Advocates of curb cutting claim cutting the curb and allowing water to be absorbed in to the ground can reduce flooding and benefit plant life.

"We're seeing more... Read more

Painting by Adela Antoinette

Edible Baja Arizona


Through an incredible Edible Baja Arizona series called Rain to Table, Watershed Management Group Executive Director Lisa Shipek has been teaching our readers how to harvest rainwater in their own backyards since March. Harvesting rainwater is... Read more

llustration by Adela Antoinette

Edible Baja Arizona


My husband and I bought a home in May and we were thrilled the house was already outfitted with gutters and a 1,300-gallon rainwater harvesting tank. When we moved in, the tank sat full of water, while the desert-adapted vegetation in the... Read more

Videographer Sandra Westdahl, journalist Christopher Conover and Cultural Ecologist Joaquin Murrieta-Saldivar.

Arizona Public Media


Journalist Christopher Conover and videographer Sandra Westdahl from Arizona Public Media visited WMG's headquarters to talk water conservation with Cultural Ecologist Joaquin Murrieta-Saldivar. The interviews were part of a larger segment... Read more

Sabino Creek

Meow Magazine


To most who have made this region of the world their home, it’s difficult to ignore our biological reliance upon water. We must be more conscious than most about keeping our landscape, pets, and selves hydrated. But what is surprising is how... Read more

Local resident checks his greywater system. Photo by Mike Christy, Arizona Daily Star

Arizona Daily Star


If around two daily showers are taken at your house, you can grow a citrus tree.

Or, depending on how old your washing machine is, you can have a citrus tree if you wash between three to nine loads a week.

That’s how much water... Read more

Sabino Creek

Arizona Daily Star


To find water in our dry desert, we recommend taking a hike. 

Despite our surroundings, Tucson has a few oases nestled at the end of long, dusty hikes. Sometimes, you'll even find water — especially if you go before it gets too hot. ... Read more

Rain to Table. Illustration by Adela Antoinette

Edible Baja Arizona


by Lisa Shipek, WMG Executive Director

Installing a rain garden should be a rite of passage for living in the Sonoran Desert. When you do, you’ll transition from a city dweller to a desert dweller taking part in the intricate web of... Read more

Edible Shade poster



The Watershed Management Group hosts its spring Edible Shade mesquite pancake breakfast on Sunday, March 26, from 9 am – 12 pm at its Living Lab and Learning Center, 1137 Dodge Boulevard. Toppings for the pancakes include locally produced... Read more

Rain to Table. Illustration by Adela Antoinette

Edible Baja Arizona


by Lisa Shipek, WMG Executive Director

As foodies, we want fresh, local food that is produced as part of a food system that cares both for people and the planet. But do we hold the same standard for the water that comes out of our tap?... Read more

Tucson Weekly Craft Beer story

Tucson Weekly


Proceeds from the crawl go to Watershed Management Group, which has partnered with the event the past three years.

"The event is really aimed at supporting the brewing industry in town and growing that industry," Reese said. "I feel that... Read more

Student walking through a flowing Tucson River

Zocalo Magazine


Q & A with Lisa Shipek of Watershed Management Group

A portion of the proceeds of the Tucson Craft Beer Crawl will benefit Watershed Management Group, a non-profit organization working towards a goal of restoring flow to Tucson’s... Read more

David Stevenson's winter veggies, watered by the rain.

Arizona Daily Star


Since September, David Stevenson has been getting the smallest Tucson Water bill possible.

He currently pays the $12.67 monthly service fee and the $14.71 Pima County sewer fee for a grand total of $27.38.

He doesn’t pay for any... Read more

Photo by Michaela Webb/Arizona Sonora News

Arizona Sonora News


We Americans flush an average of 10 gallons of drinkable water down the toilet every day. That’s 3,650 gallons per person per year.

In Tucson, a year of flushing sends the equivalent of enough energy to power a 100-watt light bulb for... Read more

Water love



This week’s episode follows up on last week’s interview with Aaron Baumann of the Watershed Management Group. WMG proposes that our area’s water supply can be made independent of the Colorado River by increased efficiency of rainwater... Read more