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Border Environment Cooperation Commission


From September 9th through the 11th, 2015, the Border Environment Cooperation Commission (BECC) and the North American Development Bank (NADB), in coordination with the City of San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora, launched a Green Infrastructure... Read more

BikeLife Fall 2015



Meet 2 local businesses that encourage their employees to bike to work (see page 27).



Mi Casa es Su Casa podcast

Program manager, James DeRoussel, shares the work of WMG on KVOI's Mi Casa es Su Casa show. The segment runs from approximately 02:00 - 10:30.


Watershed Management Group pioneered a Green Infrastructure project along Jalisco Blvd in San Luis Río Colorado, Sonora, Mexico. This project was completed in collaboration with COCEF-BECC, NADBANK, Municipio de SLRC and the invaluable... Read more

In this January 2015 file photo, Sabino Creek flows and forms pools in Sabino Canyon, with rock ridges towering above.

Arizona Daily Star


If you remember Sabino Creek when it was wetter than now, a Tucson conservation group wants your story.

“Once Upon a Creek,” a public program on Thursday, Sept. 17, will let residents share their stories of the creek and conservationists... Read more

Rain gardens can supply all the water needed to grow healthy native trees to shade your yard. (Source: Watershed Management Group)

Tucson News Now


A lot of residents like seeing monsoon rain, but not inside their houses. However, with flash floods and hail storms, it can and does happen here in southern Arizona.

With some simple gardening and landscape changes residents can make to... Read more

Primera Iglesia Metodista Unida is one of the oldest faith communities in Phoenix, Arizona. (Photo: Chris Williams/12News)

12 News


An Arizona group's efforts to conserve and redirect water have made rainy days even more of a blessing for a Phoenix church.

Water Management Group's design is helping the congregation's land flourish.

Primera Iglesia Metodista... Read more

Rainwater harvesting systems such as this one at Jan Schwartz and Judith McDaniel’s home are part of the Homescape Harvest Tour.

Arizona Daily Star


Jan Schwartz feels she and partner, Judith McDaniel, are all set for retirement.

The 1999 house they bought in 2002 has been insulated with cork walls and roof. The solar panels save on the electrical bills.

The water-harvesting... Read more

Green Living Magazine


The summer is now approaching its later months and Arizona is preparing for the monsoon season. Everyone living in the desert knows how beautiful it can be, but they also know how precious water is. Now that the monsoon season is upon us, why not... Read more



KVOA | KVOA.com | Tucson, Arizona

TUCSON -  In some places, like California, immediate changes are being made amid a severe drought. However, here in a desert region that is lucky to get 12 inches of rain in a year, our water demand has... Read more

Humble Water Goddess

Tucson Green Magazine


It took a wanderer's existence to help Lisa Shipek realize she wanted roots, and now she's putting them down deep in Tucson and soaking them with harvested rain water.

The 29-year-old executive director of the local nonprofit Watershed... Read more

Al Jazeera


TUCSON, Ariz. — Schoolteacher Terry Anderson took a break in the shade of a mesquite tree in her front yard as a team of volunteers from a local nonprofit put the finishing touches on a morning's work to help her capture water from the desert... Read more

Tucson Weekly


This April, the Living Streets Alliance partnered with the City of Tucson to host their annual bike-centric event, The Bike Fest. This year marked the largest Fest yet, with 75 events taking place all April and 20 plus businesses showing support... Read more



Desert dwellers love a good rain, but cities long considered stormwater runoff a nuisance. Cities built massive infrastructures to drain it away quickly before it could flood streets and yards. In the Phoenix Metro Area most storm drain systems... Read more

Picture of WMG Living Lab and Learning Center

Tucson News Now


Today at City Hall in downtown Tucson, the Mayor and City Council will hold a public hearing on the potential water rate increases for Tucson Water customers. (...)

Tucson Water says water conservation can save a homeowner ten percent on... Read more

Lisa'a bicycle at Watershed Management Group headquarters

News4Tucson (KVOA)


Sun Rideshare is offering up incentives to use alternate modes of transportation.

The Environmental Protection Agency is scheduled to release new pollution standards in October, which could potentially put Tucson in non-attainment if it... Read more

Conceptual Site Plan



This week’s interview on The Weekly Green, is with the ever so hilarious Kieran Sikdar, Program Manager, from Watershed Management Group. Listen to Kieran tell us all about WMG’s Consulting Services.

From WMG’s site: “Get expert advice... Read more

Poo to Peaches book cover

AZ Daily Star


Everybody poops.

There are plenty of books that say so.

But not everybody composts their waste to fertilize their trees.

That’s why Watershed Management Group has written a children’s book for preschool and elementary-age... Read more

The San Juan Generating Station

Tucson Weekly


A coalition of state environmental, community and business groups, including the Sierra Club, Tierra Y Libertad Organization, Robert Bulechek Energy Management, Borderlands Brewing Co., Solar Possibilities Consulting, Sustainable Tucson, Casa... Read more

Co-op group moving a cistern.



This week on The Weekly Green, Gretchen interviews Kieran Sikdar, Program Manager at Watershed Management Group, here in Tucson. They discuss WMG’s Co-op program.

The Co-op program utilizes a “barn raising” model. Volunteers participate... Read more