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Homescape Harvest Tour

Edible Baja Arizona


Earthworks created by WMG at a local home that is on the tour. Tour some of the most eco-friendly homes in Tucson at Watershed Management Group’s 7th Annual Homescape Harvest Tour.

For the seventh year in a row, Watershed Management Group is partnering with some of Tucson’s most environmentally conscientious homeowners to put on the Homescape Harvest Tour. The self-paced tour will begin at Watershed Management Group’s headquarters at 1137 N. Dodge Boulevard, where tour-goers will pick up a tour program to guide them to Tucson homes and public landscapes that utilize eco-friendly practices such as rain gardens, cisterns, active and passive solar systems, composting toilets, food gardens, wildlife habitats, and more! Even better, homeowners will be on property to answer questions and help you figure our how to create beautiful and affordable features to harvest water, energy, and food in your own home.  

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