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50-Year Vision

Our 50-year vision is to restore the heritage of year-round, free-flowing rivers in Tucson.

Up until about the 1950s much of the Santa Cruz River and its tributary streams flowed year-round, allowing cities in Southern Arizona to flourish. Now our springs have diminished and many of our creeks and rivers only flow after heavy rains. We invite you to join us in forging a new path for Arizona’s water future.

A network for Tucsonans to join forces and restore our heritage of flowing rivers.Become an advocate for our desert rivers!

Hydro-regionalism—meeting a region’s water needs with renewable supplies from the local watershed—is a key tenet of WMG's 50 Year Program.Dig Deep - Learn about Shallow Groundwater areas

Resources to learn more about watershed health

This new WMG report, in partnership with Earth Economics, shows Sabino Creek is worth millions!Watch our short video—Restoring Hope: Get your feet wet in shallow groundwater.Learn more about the benefits and how to implement green infrastructure.

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