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Services for Your Watershed

WMG is an established leader in upland, arroyo, and riparian (creek-side vegetation) restoration of natural systems along with the planning, design, and implementation of Low Impact Development (LID) and green stormwater infrastructure for communities throughout the Desert Southwest.

We specialize in working with diverse community stakeholders, from large landowners and public land managers to neighborhood groups to city departments, to restore hydrologic function, riparian vegetation and wildlife habitat, develop model site demonstrations, review codes and design standards, and build performance-based municipal policies that support sustainable and resilient communities.

Watershed Services

Stormwater Resource Planning. We specialize in taking an integrated community-based approach to shift to the management of stormwater as a resource.  Whether the primary focus is on flood mitigation, aquifer protection, or water quality, we develop solutions that provide multiple cost-effective benefits to your community.

Stream and Landscape Restoration. In line with our River Restoration Vision, we work to restore hydrologic connections through a geomorphic restoration approach. Our holistic approach addresses the complete watershed—supporting upland habitats and restoring local aquifers—for the long-term sustained health of critical riparian habitats. WMG can help you restore the health and function of your land, arroyos, and creeks through watershed restoration practice. Submit a restoration project application

Green Stormwater Infrastructure Planning and Design. We utilize the power of natural systems to mitigate flooding and treat stormwater pollution. We provide technical support for modeling, drainage master planning, maintaining infrastructure, and developing design standards.

Sustainable Policy and Code. Our team can help you develop innovative incentive programs, craft performance-based green infrastructure policy, and perform a thorough review of your development code to move your community forward to a healthy, water-resilient future.

Capacity Building. WMG can provide our 7-day Water Harvesting Certification course, a variety of professional trainings, or consulting tailored to your community’s context and needs.

Examples of Past Work

Current and Past Clients Include: City of Tucson, City of Sierra Vista, City of Phoenix, City of Avondale, Town of Oro Valley, Pima County Flood Control District, Pima County Community Development, Arizona Department of Environmental Quality, Flood Control District of Maricopa County, Lake Havasu City, City of Flagstaff, Las Cruces, City of Santa Barbara, La Paz (Mexico)

Why Hire WMG?

WMG is a non-profit organization working to improve the communities we serve and benefit all people. Our watershed planning staff have over five decades of collective professional experience as leaders in water harvesting, stormwater management, green infrastructure, natural resource management and restoration, and community engagement and design. Our rigorous training in the field has led to successes restoring hundreds of miles of creeks and arroyos and enabling communities in the Southwest to manage water resources in new ways.

All revenues earned are invested in our public education programs, so your dollars go even farther to benefit your local community.

Questions? Contact Catlow Shipek, 520-396-3266 x4.

Watershed Consulting Staff

520-396-3266 x4
Catlow Shipek
Catlow Shipek
Sr. Program Director

Catlow Shipek, a founding member of WMG, is a Water Harvesting Certification instructor, and avid practitioner who blends a practical resource management approach with an eye for design. Catlow has over 15 years of field experience ranging from erosion control and arroyo restoration with ranchers, to a decade of water harvesting design and project implementation in urban watersheds, to community-scale water resource planning, policy, and conservation incentives. Catlow assisted in the development of City of Tucson’s Green Streets Policy and Tucson Water’s Rainwater Harvesting Incentive program. He has served on numerous advisory committees including Tucson Water’s Citizen’s Water Advisory Committee and was the Chair of the Conservation and Education subcommittee; served as a member of the Conservation Effluent Pool Taskforce to identify and select project sites best suited to receive treated effluent to benefit wildlife habitat and the community; participated in the City of Tucson 2010 residential greywater ordinance revision; and currently serves on the Complete Streets Coordinating Council following the 2019 passage of the Complete Streets Policy led by Living Streets Alliance for the City of Tucson.