The Phoenix Co-op Celebrates World Environment Day with a work project.

From co-op workshops to rainwater harvesting classes, check out what WMG is doing in the Valley of the Sun and please join us! 

WMG's Living Lab & Learning Center

WMG's interactive tours showcase our property's water and energy conservation systems in detail, and will inspire ideas for your own home. 

We were thrilled to get a great turn out of over 60 people at our inaugural Go with the Flow tour! Thank you to everyone who came out on Sunday, Oct 14 to explore some of the Valley's coolest water harvesting properties. 

WMG's Cultural Ecologist Joaquin Murrieta dancing to Santa Pachita.

We had an amazing time at our Sept. 6 Food Forest Fiesta event! We were celebrating the edible bounty of the Sonoran Desert and all we have achieved together in the creation of WMG's Living Lab and Learning Center. 

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