tanque verde flow

We are pleased to announce that WMG is one of three winners of the Colorado River Basin Water Scarcity Challenge, offered by The Gates and Walton Family Foundations. The selected organizations will work with Quantified Ventures (QV) – at no charge, thanks to grant funding – to design, finance, and scale investible, cost-effective solutions that deliver beneficial outcomes for Colorado River Basin ecosystems and communities.

Check out our fall newsletter for hydro-local policy solutions, ways to learn with WMG, and beautiful images of desert creek flows. Read it here.

WMG’s signature River Run Network event features creek walks, creekside picnic, and group work party tackling the invasive species Arundo donax. 

hydro local composting toilets

Ever wondered about putting in a composting toilet? Well here is your behind the scenes look into composting toilet maintenance.

learning center rendering

After almost 10 years of planning and anticipation, we have finally begun building the Learning Center at our Living Lab. With the construction of our new classroom, we have big updates for you! You won't want to miss this exciting news.

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