This 2015 WMG Design Build project transformed a barren lot into a backyard oasis with rain gardens, greywater, and more.

If you are interested in “greening” your property, but you’re not sure where to begin, WMG can help! WMG’s Design Build Service will take your project from dream to reality.

Assessing flow in Sabino creek - Fall 2015

With a good water budget we can learn to live in balance with local supplies. We've created this watershed-scale budget for Sabino Creek to put some hard numbers to work and learn what we need to do to restore year-round flow.

“Go Local”—you’ve been hearing this phrase for years now. A locally-focused lifestyle is good for the planet and builds stronger communities. This makes a lot of sense—and now, Watershed Management Group wants you and your neighbors to “use local water.”

WMG's Living Lab & Learning Center features lush landscapes of native trees and plants.

Come see what's new at the Living Lab! You're invited to join us for a free tour—on the second Saturday each month—at our Living Lab & Learning Center in central Tucson.

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