With your support, Watershed Management Group can help desert communities make the most of local rainfall, whether it’s a wet year like this one, a dry year like last year, or something in between.

To advance local water solutions, we’ve set a goal to raise $90,000 by the last day of monsoon season—Thursday, September 30th at midnight. With $30,000 still to raise, we need your help to get us there!

Not only has the Heritage Project in the downtown area been an amazing success, but the Santa Cruz has been flowing year-round in Marana for many years because of the release of effluent flow. Come explore this area with Lauren Monheim, River Run Network Program Manager and Kathy Balman, the

BYOB Community Swap

We're back with a second round of Build Your Own Basin (BYOB) workshops this fall! Sign up for a workshop and learn more about donating to our fall community swap here.

The 10th Annual Desert Living Home Tour—formerly known as the Homescape Harvest Tour—will be on Saturday, October 23rd!

Building Healthy Desert Soils

Our Living Lab Field Studies classes allow you to expand your knowledge while maintaining social distancing. 

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