2018 Impact Report

Check out highlights of our work in 2018, and learn more about our programs and efforts to build community and restore desert rivers and streams!

WMG is working with Pima County to restore flows and floodplains.

WMG’s river restoration work would not be possible without our partnership with Pima County Regional Flood Control District. The District is a 

Pima County and WMG work together to sink stormwater into the CDO floodplain.

Thanks to a dynamic partnership with the Pima County Regional Flood Control District, 2018 was a good year for river restoration!

Bernadette Eichelberger

Bernadette Eichelberger first got involved with WMG in early 2018, and jumped in with both feet! She was one of WMG’s Green Living Co-op top hour-earners – volunteering 53 hours of her time at 11 different Co-ops in 2018.

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