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Co-ops members helped install three cisterns at this mid-town home.
Please join our current donors to support WMG’s Green Living Co-op and other educational programs by making a gift to our year-end fundraising campaign. Your generous donation will enable us to reach our goal! Help us to continue creating a new normal of living in harmony with the Sonoran Desert by irrigating our landscapes with harvested water, recharging our aquifer, and...
Co-op members celebrate another beautifully completed project.
One backyard at a time actually does add up! Thanks to our Co-op members and our generous donors, we’re celebrating 10 years of water-harvesting work parties and growing roots in the Sonoran Desert through our Green Living Co-op workshops. Over the last decade, we’ve led 366 Co-op workshops with our amazing volunteers at people’s homes in Tucson and the Phoenix Valley. Over...
River Restoration Biologist Trevor Hare.
We are so appreciative of AZ Public Media producer Tony Paniagua's wonderful story on Arizona Illustrated about WMG's work to engage Sonoran Desert communities in restoring flowing water to the desert's rivers and streams through the River Run Network. Watch the story here. 
The Phoenix Co-op Celebrates World Environment Day with a work project.
From co-op workshops to rainwater harvesting classes, check out what WMG is doing in the Valley of the Sun and please join us! In January, our popular Hydrate series returns to Tempe on Wednesdays. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see dates and topics and to register for one or all of the classes.
WMG's Living Lab & Learning Center
WMG’s Living Lab and Learning Center is our cream of the crop demonstration site and beats the pants off LEED standards! WMG's interactive tours showcase our property's water and energy conservation systems in detail, and will inspire ideas for your own home!Learn more and check out the schedule. 
WMG's Cultural Ecologist Joaquin Murrieta dancing to Santa Pachita.
We had an amazing time at our Sept. 6 Food Forest Fiesta event! We were celebrating the edible bounty of the Sonoran Desert and all we have achieved together in the creation of WMG's Living Lab and Learning Center.Check out these fantastic photos by Nicci Radhe of Celesteal Photography.
A restored Santa Cruz River! Artwork by Dennis Caldwell.
WMG's amazing supporters donated over $80,000 during our summer fundraising campaign, enabling us to surpass our goal of $75,000! Between our major donors, WMG's Stewardship Circle contributors, our monthly Flow donors, and all of the donations in-between, we tallied $80,199 in gifts. Your donations today fund our current boots-on-the-ground work and support watershed policy...
Go with the Flow Tour
WMG Phoenix is excited to announce our inaugural  Go with the Flow tour!This self-guided water harvesting tour is free to join and allows you to explore amazing home landscapes throughout the Valley at your own pace. Learn firsthand from the homeowners how to create well-designed, beautiful, and affordable features to harvest water, energy, and food. Experience backyard rain...
Water flows at the confluence of the Tanque Verde and Pantano rivers. Art by Dennis Caldwell
That’s right, you heard it here first. WMG’s doing the groundwork today and the planning for tomorrow to restore the flow to the Tanque Verde Creek and the Pantano River to bring back the beavers! Will you make a donation today to help us reach our summer goal and fund our water-conserving, river-restoring work? We have $20,000 left to raise to reach our $75,000 summer...
Join a dynamic, solutions-focused group!
We are currently seeking volunteers to join our board or board committees, with a passion to serve the community and interest in joining a dynamic, solutions-focused group! The board and committees help develop the strategic goals of the organization, ensure adequate staff and financial resources, and help monitor the overall health of the organization. WMG is committed to building a...
A restored Santa Cruz River! Artwork by Dennis Caldwell.
This summer, we’re crafting our 50-year plan to restore Tucson’s heritage of flowing rivers, including goals, strategies, and metrics for 5, 10, 25, and 50 year timelines. You’re a big part of our plan, and your support can ensure we reach our long-term goal!  To move our visionary plan forward, please invest in WMG’s work with a donation today. Your gift will be doubled thanks...
Illustration & design by Dennis Caldwell.
Our summer newsletter shares our 50-year plan to restore flowing water to the Sonoran Desert's rivers and streams.Read it, get inspired, and join us in our mission! 
WMG's 2017 Annual Report
Learn how WMG is working to restore rivers through rain & stormwater harvesting, and creating community through project collaborations! Read all about it. 
Learn how to conserve water & create a lush Sonoran landscape!
Our popular water harvesting series is happening in Phoenix! Join us every Wednesday in August from 6 - 7:30 p.m. at Burton Barr Central Library to soak up all the water harvesting knowledge you need to create a water-wise oasis at your home. Join for your favorite session or attend the entire 5-part series to build a comprehensive site plan to save water and money. Visit our webpage...
Nuestras resoluciones suenan! Y estamos incrementando la diversidad de la comunidad de WMG. Aquí unas palabras de nuestros amigos.
We're working to restore heritage flow to Tucson's rivers & streams. Watch this video, get inspired & join us! Become a member of the River Run Network.
We're honoring women’s contributions as part of our We Are One Watershed campaign. Kudos to Julia Jones, one of WMG’s interns, for putting together this video as an homage to all our water-loving women.  
WMG AZ Gives Transforming the Valley
Check out our latest video highlighting the life-changing work we're doing in the Phoenix metro area. Recent climate conversations have been calling Phoenix the "world's least sustainable city," yet WMG is leading the way to create a water-wise oasis in the desert. Our Green Living Co-op, Public Demonstration Sites, Cruise the Canals, Valley Docents, and Hydrate the Valley programs are all...
TODAY! Tuesday, April 3 - WMG needs your help to raise the most dollars ($75,000) we’ve ever raised in one day. It’s Arizona Gives Day, and you’re invited to our 24 hour campaign shin-dig! Support WMG's life-changing programs and pre-schedule your gift at AZGives.org.We're going big, and we’re throwing parties in two happening cities, Tucson and Tempe! Check 'em out:AZ Gives...
We Are One Watershed
Check out our latest video, celebrating all we’ve accomplished together as part of WMG's We Are One Watershed campaign. Launched just a year ago, we’re proud to say that we're rocking our resolutions! Support WMG's life-changing programs by joing our monthly giving program.
Photo by Julius Schlosburg
On Sunday, Feb. 11, we celebrated the delicious shade of mesquite with top-notch pancakes, syrups made from local fruits, and delicious coffee, tea, and orange juice. The event also featured a robust schedule with live music, demonstrations, presentations and children's activities. Photos by Julius Schlosburg.Check out the photo gallery!
Cruise the Canal with WMG
Did you know that we have a satellite office in the Phoenix Valley? Our staff member up there, Ryan Wood, is working hard to engage our neighbors to the north to "Green the Valley."They collaborate with community members and organizations on co-ops and events - including the monthly Cruise the Canal bicycle tours! If you have family and...
The cover of our Winter 2018 Newsletter features artwork by Dennis Caldwell.
WMG is keeping busy working toward water security for our desert communities! Within the pages of this newsletter, we share our recent watershed moments - from winning a local nonprofit competition on the River Run Network and our new Rainwater Harvesting Grant & Loan Program, to WMG's work in the Phoenix Valley, plus a handy-dandy Landowner's Guide to River Restoration, and more!  ...
Art by Dennis Caldwell, Caldwell-Design.com
From #GivingTuesday on Nov. 28 and through the end of the 2017, WMG supporters donated $42,000 to our nonprofit. This imperative support ensures our essential programs like WMG's Green Living Co-ops, River Run Network, and free, educational classes at the Living Lab and Learning Center can serve more people in 2018.With the fiscal donations from our donors and business sponsors, WMG is growing...