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Watershed Management Group is a Tucson-based grassroots organization promoting a sustainable environment in and around Tucson and the Northern Sonora. As sustainability begins with a sustainable water supply, a primary objective if WMG is to... Read more

Kathy Marron hosting on WMG's Homescape Harvest Tour.

Arizona Daily Star


Kathleen and Mike Marron were new Tucsonans about a year ago when they bought their small north-side home.

“I’d never gardened in the desert before,” says Kathleen, an Ohio transplant who originally wanted to turn her pea-gravel-covered... Read more

The Desert Leaf, June 2016 - Harvesting the Rain

The Desert Leaf


According to Brad Lancaster's calculations, "Tucson's average rainfall actually exceeds our current municipal water use." And, despite an increase in public interest surrounding the potential of a water source that quite literally falls from the... Read more

Staff and interns at WMG’s Living Lab enjoy rainwater on tap.

Natural Awakenings


There’s a hip, new environmental buzzword on the scene: hydro-regionalism—and Watershed Management Group (WMG) is leading the way. This local nonprofit organization works to engage people in water harvesting projects and policy initiatives that... Read more

Lisa Shipek



This week we talk with another Southern Arizona environmental nonprofit, the Watershed Management Group, which is led under the direction of Lisa Shipek as Executive Director. This is a jam packed episode because Watershed Management Group is... Read more

Karilyn Roach shows off the 10,000 gallon underground cistern. Photo: Mamta Popat

Arizona Daily Star


At first glance, it seems the Watershed Management Group’s headquarters doesn’t have many displays of sustainable living projects.

Its Living Lab seems to consist of a couple of small cisterns next to outbuildings and solar panels... Read more



You wouldn’t know it by the sound or look, but the home of Frances Peake and Louis Powell is in the middle of the desert.

Their central Phoenix home is alive with fountains, animals and lush vegetation. But it wasn’t always that way. When... Read more



Attendees came from as far away as Santa Fe and Tucson. Many of those attending work for the City. Also represented were Doña Ana County, NMSU, UTEP, and NMDOT. Tucked in among the dozens of engineers, planners, architects, designers, and... Read more

Las Cruces Sun-News


Rainwater harvesting, green infrastructure, and low-impact development were the focus of a two-day workshop put on recently by the city of Las Cruces, Stream Dynamics, Watershed Management Group, and the New Mexico Environment Department.

... Read more

Ahwatukee Foothills News


Water, our neglected and often forgotten lifeline.

Burdened my rising temperatures, the prevalence of drought has increased dramatically in the Southwest. It has led to voracious groundwater pumping, an unsustainable practice of our... Read more

Karilyn Roach



In this episode Karilyn Roach and I discuss how the Community Water Coalition works by bringing together a diverse group of members. The Coalition was formed in 2011 and Watershed Management Group who is one of the original members housing the... Read more

Green Living Magazine


Water - Use it wisely with rainwater harvesting article is on page 10.

Border Environment Cooperation Commission


From September 9th through the 11th, 2015, the Border Environment Cooperation Commission (BECC) and the North American Development Bank (NADB), in coordination with the City of San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora, launched a Green Infrastructure... Read more

BikeLife Fall 2015



Meet 2 local businesses that encourage their employees to bike to work (see page 27).



Mi Casa es Su Casa podcast

Program manager, James DeRoussel, shares the work of WMG on KVOI's Mi Casa es Su Casa show. The segment runs from approximately 02:00 - 10:30.


Watershed Management Group pioneered a Green Infrastructure project along Jalisco Blvd in San Luis Río Colorado, Sonora, Mexico. This project was completed in collaboration with COCEF-BECC, NADBANK, Municipio de SLRC and the invaluable support... Read more

In this January 2015 file photo, Sabino Creek flows and forms pools in Sabino Canyon, with rock ridges towering above.

Arizona Daily Star


If you remember Sabino Creek when it was wetter than now, a Tucson conservation group wants your story.

“Once Upon a Creek,” a public program on Thursday, Sept. 17, will let residents share their stories of the creek and conservationists... Read more

Rain gardens can supply all the water needed to grow healthy native trees to shade your yard. (Source: Watershed Management Group)

Tucson News Now


A lot of residents like seeing monsoon rain, but not inside their houses. However, with flash floods and hail storms, it can and does happen here in southern Arizona.

With some simple gardening and landscape changes residents can make to... Read more

Primera Iglesia Metodista Unida is one of the oldest faith communities in Phoenix, Arizona. (Photo: Chris Williams/12News)

12 News


An Arizona group's efforts to conserve and redirect water have made rainy days even more of a blessing for a Phoenix church.

Water Management Group's design is helping the congregation's land flourish.

Primera Iglesia Metodista... Read more

Rainwater harvesting systems such as this one at Jan Schwartz and Judith McDaniel’s home are part of the Homescape Harvest Tour.

Arizona Daily Star


Jan Schwartz feels she and partner, Judith McDaniel, are all set for retirement.

The 1999 house they bought in 2002 has been insulated with cork walls and roof. The solar panels save on the electrical bills.

The water-harvesting... Read more