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Gardens, savings can grow by using graywater in Tucson

Arizona Daily Star


Local resident checks his greywater system. Photo by Mike Christy, Arizona Daily Star If around two daily showers are taken at your house, you can grow a citrus tree.

Or, depending on how old your washing machine is, you can have a citrus tree if you wash between three to nine loads a week.

That’s how much water you use each year that you can use again to water a citrus tree. (For numbers crunchers: 17 gallons per shower or 20 to 50 gallons per laundry load divided into 9,000 gallons to water a citrus tree.)

Reusing water this way is called graywater — often spelled “greywater” — harvesting.

“It’s any water that’s been used once that is clean enough to use again,” explains Lincoln Perino, a project manager and designer for Watershed Management Group Inc. He’s responsible for teaching people about graywater harvesting and helping them design and install systems.

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