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Civic Opportunity: Join The River Run Network

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Sabino Creek To most who have made this region of the world their home, it’s difficult to ignore our biological reliance upon water. We must be more conscious than most about keeping our landscape, pets, and selves hydrated. But what is surprising is how much we take the source for granted. Our reliance on water from the Colorado River makes this possible. But as time progresses, and the effects of climate change really start to take hold, we may become more acutely aware of where we source our water supply as our neighbors stake their claims upon this dwindling resource. The work we do here, now, becoming more efficient and innovative about our use of water, is also important for the future when more of the planet will become arid or semiarid. 

Watershed Management Group has made one if its missions to restore the above ground flow of our local waterways, and has organized a campaign to engage local citizens to do their part to help. 

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