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AZ Public Media, Tony Paniagua


Excerpt: "Magrane and his wife are getting help from the Watershed Management Group, a local non-profit organization that provides classes and guidance in conserving water and other environmentally-friendly practices. James DeRoussel is a local... Read more

Gail Ryser, a Watershed Management Group co-op participant, helped install a water-harvesting system in someone else's home and got help in installations of two cisterns in her backyard.

AZ Daily Star


Fruits and vegetables for Lupe Carrizosa's meals are just-picked fresh.

Gail Ryser needs little municipal water to irrigate her landscape.

Both central-area Barrio Anita residents took advantage of cooperative programs to shape... Read more


Video - Greywater Branched Drain - Installation at a Tucson Habitat for Humanity site by Watershed Management Group through a volunteer workshop.

Many thanks to Paul James with Just Water Savers USA for filming, editing, and sharing this... Read more

Arizona Public Media


These days students may feel their education is a little dry, with budget cuts eliminating most fine arts and physical education. Often after school hours aren't much better, spent watching TV or playing video games. But at Manzo Elementary... Read more

Tucson Weekly, Messina


It's a sunny Saturday morning, and Ezra Roati is working in his yard. A small group of people work along with him, digging, building and planting. Mounds of dirt and rock are piled high, and the sound of a power tool fills the air.

This... Read more

American Planning Association


Watershed Management Group (WMG) and Rincon Heights Neighborhood Association (RHNA) were recently published as the feature article in the American Planning Association's Practicing Planner newsletter for certified planners.  This article features... Read more

Green Valley News and Sun


As Southern Arizona’s green economy grows, many people seek training for careers in green businesses that can match their values as well as provide a livelihood.

As evidence of this trend, Tucson-based nonprofit Watershed Management Group... Read more