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Joaquin Murrieta

Arizona Daily Star


Joaquín Murrieta-Saldívar, heading from Mexico to California in the early ’90s, handed his passport to the Border Patrol agent at the crossing station in Tijuana.

“You are not allowed to cross the border,” the agent said. “With that name... Read more

Riley Fletcher and her classmate Madina Omar, right, will use their temperature data to assess the changes in the low-water adapted garden.

New York Times


Grant recipients hope student enthusiasm will spur action in neighboring communities. Watershed Management Group, an environmental nonprofit in Tucson, engages students to design and build rain gardens using native plants and trees, diverting... Read more

Explorer file photo.

Explorer Newspaper


Losing a job can leave you feeling hopeless and lost. Around 11 years ago, Debbie, an avid Sun Tran passenger, felt this way when she not only lost her job but her transportation, too. It took her three years and hundreds of applications to get... Read more

Photo courtesy of Technicians for Sustainability

Arizona Daily Star


If climate change is one of your concerns and saving the planet is one of your goals, the Watershed Management Group, or WMG, and the Grand Canyon Chapter of the Sierra Club have organized a tour that you won’t want to miss: The 8th Annual... Read more

Photo by Chris Richards/Arizona Daily Star

Arizona Daily Star


by WMG River Restoration Biologst Trevor Hare

In response to Sunday’s article “Dam shame: Beavers face 2nd extinction on San Pedro River,” I am disappointed to learn that neither the Bureau of Land Management nor the Arizona Game and... Read more

Arizona Daily Star


Before they were wiped out by hunters and trappers in the early 1800s, beavers were a fairly common site in Southern Arizona.

The nonprofit Watershed Management Group hopes to make their regular presence a reality again by reintroducing... Read more

Central Arizona Project Canal, Phoenix, AZ Getty

JStor Daily


Pushed by necessity, the country’s least sustainable region evolved to master its water use. As climate heats up, other cities may adopt similar tactics.

Conserving Water

Tucson has a strong water conservation ethos. It has to.... Read more

Sandy Anderson, director of Gray Hawk Nature Center, shows school kids a beaver dam on the San Pedro River in 2004. Courtesy of Sandy Anderson

Arizona Daily Star


Twenty years after their triumphant return, beavers have nearly vanished once again from the San Pedro River.

No beaver dams have been recorded within the San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area for the past three years, and only a... Read more

Photo by Josh Galemore/Arizona Daily Star

Arizona Daily Star


The following column is the opinion and analysis of the writer.

By Lisa Shipek

The good news keeps coming for our rivers this year. In June, we celebrated the launch of the Santa Cruz Heritage project, releasing recycled water... Read more

Photo by Chris Richards/Arizona Daily Star

Arizona Daily Star


Here’s something you might not know, unless you’re a restoration ecologist: Bringing back the beaver isn’t cheap.

The nonprofit Watershed Management Group recently launched a summer fundraising campaign seeking $90,000 to support efforts... Read more

KGUN 9's story on WMG's river restoration work with Pima County.



TUCSON, Ariz. — On a hot summer day in the Old Pueblo, volunteers with the Watershed Management planted over 100 trees as part of the Shamrock Restoration Project.

"We had flowing rivers here 150 years ago, those are all gone now, we... Read more

KVOI AM The Voice Radio


Bill Buckmaster interviews WMG's Executive Director Lisa Shipek on WMG's work in the community, WMG's River Run Network, and the efforts WMG is doing to restore rivers with local governmental entities and volunteers. Listen to the interview here... Read more

KOLD interviewing Catlow Shipek & Joaquin Murrieta-Saldivar

KOLD News 13


By Karly Tinsley | August 1, 2019 at 9:59 PM MST - Updated August 3 at 11:05 AM 

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - Mother Nature is barely raining on our parade.

With monsoon season behind schedule, many have been left waiting for... Read more

Pima County & WMG are tackling flooding issues that come with monsoon storms.



TUCSON, Ariz. — It's no secret monsoon storms drench Southern Arizona. Often times, with all that rainfall comes flooding.

If that rainwater isn't kept where it is, and used, it's runoff and lost. 

Pima County is trying to... Read more

A rider and his horse enjoy the Santa Cruz River at dusk. Photo by Julius Schlosburg
Executive Director Lisa Shipek

Arizona Daily Star


by Lisa Shipek

The Santa Cruz River now has a steady flow downtown, thanks to Tucson Water’s Santa Cruz River Heritage Project that came on line June 24. The release of recycled water, or treated wastewater, into the Santa Cruz River... Read more

Waste Not - Composting Toilets

Arizona Public Media


Waste Not, a new recycling trend in composting toilets puts human waste to work.


Photo by Julius Schlosburg

Desert Leaf


A hundred years ago, waters flowed in creeks and rivers running through Tucson. Today, not so much.

River Run Network (RRN), a program of Watershed Management Group (WMG), is a group of people and organizations working collaboratively to... Read more

Tucsonans enjoying the waters flowing in the Santa Cruz River during the river release on Monday, June 24. Photo: Jamie Manser/Watershed Management Group

Arizona Public Media


Starting Monday, June 24, Tucson Water will begin the Santa Cruz River Heritage Project, reviving a historic stretch of the river near downtown Tucson.

Tucson Water will put as much as 2.8 million gallons of reclaimed water daily into a... Read more

Santa Cruz River near Speedway and Interstate 10. (KOLD News 13)

KOLD News 13


TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - Hispanic Access Foundation, Watershed Management Group, 40 Pastors from the Tucson Evangelical Pastoral Association and Por la Creación Faith-based Alliance will celebrate the Santa Cruz River Heritage water release... Read more

WMG's Raindrop Retreat, available for kids of all ages to enjoy!

Arizona Daily Star



Living Lab and Learning Center Tour — Watershed Management Group, 1137 N. Dodge Blvd. Demonstration site for a variety of water harvesting and sustainable living practices for arid landscape living. Kids can enjoy the Raindrop... Read more