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Arizona’s innovation in meeting water demands

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Water, our neglected and often forgotten lifeline.

Burdened my rising temperatures, the prevalence of drought has increased dramatically in the Southwest. It has led to voracious groundwater pumping, an unsustainable practice of our limited resource.

Our aquifers are sinking and the Colorado River, which has been a fountain of sustenance to the Southwestern states, is beginning to run dry. In some areas, where it once provided an oasis for communities south of the Mexican border, is now nothing but a cracked desert, robbed from life and use.


Considering less water-intensive dietary choices are not the only changes that can be done to drastically decrease your water usage. Household choices like switching to low water-use toilets, installing water-saving shower heads, washing only full loads of laundry and switching to a low water-use outdoor flora can save a remarkable amount of water and money.

One non-profit organization is going even further in working toward the goal of helping Phoenix residents implement solutions to conserve water.

Lindsay Ignatowski, program coordinator with the Watershed Management Group, said their organization assists homeowners, communities and businesses alike to implement sustainable landscaping.

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