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Tippy Tap Handwashing Station Construction Guide

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This guide illustrates how to build a simple handwashing station using low cost materials and methods. We encourage you to modify the design as needed to suit project application and availability of tools and materials. The lists of suggested tools and materials provided in this guide are specific to the model illustrated in this document. To see a more simple design with backyard materials and more resources on tippy taps, visit watershedmg.org/tippytap.

Beyond the construction of the tippy tap, its upkeep and use will also determine its success as a hand washing station. Make sure to have a system to refill the water jug frequently. A one gallon jug has enough water for 15 to 30 people to wash their hands (depending on how efficient they are). The communal bar of soap is a standard element of the tippy tap design. This is not a sanitation concern; a good lather of soap kills any residual germs that may be living on the bar. For drying hands, we suggest air drying, and not providing a communal towel.