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Hydrate at the Living Lab

Use our Living Lab as your Learning Laboratory!

These hands-on, practical classes at our Living Lab and Learning Center give you access to working WMG instructors provide expertise and in-depth knowledge.
systems and resources to help you achieve your hydro-local, urban sustainable living goals.

Session Topics Include:
  • Building Healthy Desert Soils
  • Composting Toilets & Humanure 
  • Cultivating Native Edible Landscapes
  • Installing Laundry-to-Landscape Greywater Systems
  • Irrigating with Gravity-Based Rain Tank Systems
  • Pruning Native Shade Trees
  • Rain Garden Care
  • Rain Tank Maintenance
  • Sonoran Food Forest & more!
Continuing Education

Continuing education credits for the following programs may be provided upon request. Contact us for details:

These classes are provided free to the community thanks to donations from individual supporters as well as support from the Stonewall Foundation.

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Hydrate at the Living Lab Videos 

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Schedule of classes

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