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Build Your Own Basin - BYOB!

Build Your Own Basin to grow shade trees, recharge our aquifers, and beautify your neighborhood! 

Building your own basin is a quick and simple project that can be done at your home, school, church, or other places around your neighborhood!

Rainwater (and greywater, which is water from baths, sinks, and washing machines) can be used to support your basins and other plants in your yard. Want to learn how much rainwater or greywater you can harvest at home?

Find Out!

To BYOB, simply follow these eight steps: observe the rain, choose your location, dig, plan for overflow, create gentle slopes, plant like nature, add mulch, and, finally, observe and adjust. For more details, check out the workshops below.

Even students are BYOBing! In partnership with Arizona Project WET Recharge the Rain teachers, students can design and build their own water harvesting basin at home with the help of our BYOB kits. Learn more about our schoolyard BYOB project here.

Build Your Own Basin Videos

Check out basin-building how-to videos below.


BYOB Step-by-Step Guides

Check out our how-to Build Your Own Basin guides.


Build Your Own Basin Events

Join us for our upcoming Build Your Own Basin events! Be sure to practice safe social distancing as you help enhance your local environment.