The Living Lab Story

With the Living Lab and Learning Center, WMG is continuing the legacy of conservationist and visionary philanthropist Marguerite Fisher.

Marguerite Fisher's gift of property in her will made the Living Lab possible.In March 2012, WMG received a generous estate gift from Marguerite Fisher that included a 1,500-square-foot adobe home in midtown Tucson with grounds suitable for demonstration gardens and water-harvesting features. Thanks to Marguerite’s efforts during her lifetime, WMG was able to negotiate purchasing the property next door, providing an additional 1,650 square feet of office and classroom space.

Marguerite was an active and generous philanthropist supporting a wide variety of environmental, social, and arts organizations in Tucson. In her personal life, she followed a strong conservationist ethic and kept a small footprint: she never used heating and cooling in her adobe home; collected rainwater and distributed greywater to her garden; installed solar panels for her energy; and traveled by bus for errands.

As caretakers of Marguerite’s property, WMG is proud to continue her values of conservation, community building, and education. We invite you to help us honor Marguerite's legacy by visiting the Living Lab, attending a class, or making a gift to support the development of the Living Lab & Learning Center.

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