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On-site Consultation for Your Business

Get expert advice and all your questions answered.

One of our design staff will come to your business to identify all your water conservation and water-harvesting opportunities. We’ll help you plan native landscapes, erosion control, landscape restoration, green infrastructure features, and more, to make the most of your site’s resources. Our site assessment summary will propose time and money saving strategies, help you prioritize and phase your projects, and give you information on available rebates.

What you will receive
  • Summary site assessment form with prioritized recommendations
  • Aerial photo of your property highlighting rain- and stormwater sources & uses
  • List of local contractors
  • Materials reference sheet
Begin your landscape transformation today. Request our design and project manager services here.Click here to view a portfolio of our landscape designs and installations.

Business Design Staff

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Catlow Shipek
Catlow Shipek
Sr. Program Director

Catlow Shipek, a founding member of WMG, is a Water Harvesting Certification instructor, and avid practitioner who blends a practical resource management approach with an eye for design. Catlow has over 15 years of field experience ranging from erosion control and arroyo restoration with ranchers, to a decade of water harvesting design and project implementation in urban watersheds, to community-scale water resource planning, policy, and conservation incentives. Catlow assisted in the development of City of Tucson’s Green Streets Policy and Tucson Water’s Rainwater Harvesting Incentive program. He has served on numerous advisory committees including Tucson Water’s Citizen’s Water Advisory Committee and was the Chair of the Conservation and Education subcommittee; served as a member of the Conservation Effluent Pool Taskforce to identify and select project sites best suited to receive treated effluent to benefit wildlife habitat and the community; participated in the City of Tucson 2010 residential greywater ordinance revision; and currently serves on the Complete Streets Coordinating Council following the 2019 passage of the Complete Streets Policy led by Living Streets Alliance for the City of Tucson.