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Schoolyard Water Education

Imagine your school campus as a living lab for your students and a green hub for the community.
WMG can help energize students by creating outdoor classrooms that harvest rainwater and greywater, grow a shady oasis, produce food, and provide habitat for birds, bees, butterflies, lizards, and more!
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Our schoolyard program is offered in the Tucson and Phoenix regions.

View an interactive map of WMG's Schoolyard projects. And just change the filter above the map to see other water-harvesting projects installed by WMG at public sites.

Schoolyard news

Phoenix’s hottest neighborhood just got a lot greener, thanks to a WMG water-harvesting project at the Wilson School District in central Phoenix. In the area around the school surface temperatures in the summer can reach up to 170 degrees—15 degrees hotter than in communities at the city edges bordering the desert. The school is combating their urban heat island effect by working with WMG to implement creative green infrastructure solutions to grow shade to cool the school...