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City Council expands water-harvesting rebates

Arizona Daily Star


Tucsonan Scott Mencke, and his 3-year-old son, Reef, use water from their water harvesting cistern to water their gardenSmall businesses and people who carve curb cuts in front of their homes can likely start getting rebates for water harvesting sometime before July 2015, a Tucson Water spokesman says.

By unanimous vote, the Tucson City Council agreed Wednesday to expand the popular program that today allows only single-family homeowners to get rebates of up to $2,000 to capture rain for their landscaping. (...)

The council had been asked to expand the rebates in letters from interest groups including the Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, the Community Water Coalition, Tucson Clean and Beautiful and Watershed Management Group. Also, Amy McCoy, a Tucson environmental consultant, told the council that she senses a groundswell of public interest in rainwater harvesting.

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