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a still taken from a video of volunteers removing invasive plant species from tanque verde creek

AZ Central


Jim Washburne, project coordinator, and Lauren Knight, program manager of the River Run Network's Arundo Removal Effort for Watershed Management Group

AZPM: Arizona Illustrated


This week on Arizona Illustrated…the Desert Living Home Tour takes us to some of Tucson’s most energy and water-efficient residences

Removing Arundo in Tanque Verde creek

AZ Daily Star


On an overcast November morning, volunteers got to work to restore local river flow.

Drought and decreasing water availability have been ongoing problems throughout Arizona. In Tucson, drought along with new land developments are causing... Read more

Volunteers Removing Arundo

Cronkite News


TUCSON – On an overcast November morning, volunteers got to work to restore local river flow.

Drought and decreasing water availability have been ongoing problems throughout Arizona. In Tucson, drought along with new land developments... Read more

Rillito River with flow and snow Rincon Mountains in background

AZ Daily Star


As classical piano music offers a backdrop, and a half-dozen horses and their riders walk down middle Tanque Verde Creek, Tucson Water Director John Kmiec says on video:

“Water is the foundation of our existence. It is the very essence... Read more

Santa Cruz river south of martinez hill

Tucson Foodie


In the year and a half that I’ve been running Tucson Foodie, I’ve spent most of my time connecting to people — restaurant owners, chefs, artisans, etc. But food systems aren’t just made up of people, and lately, I’ve been feeling a pull to... Read more

Composting toilet

KGUN 9 Tucson


TUCSON, Ariz. (KGUN) — Tucked away at the busy intersection of Alvernon and Speedway is Watershed Management Group. The serene campus is covered with food-producing plants and trees that juxtapose the rubber smells coming from the tire shop... Read more

Lisa Shipek being interviewed



TUCSON, Ariz. (KGUN) — When Lisa Shipek gets a drink of water at the Watershed Management Group’s living lab, she’s drinking filtered rainwater.

It comes from a faucet that uses less water, which is just one of the water efficient... Read more

National Post



Cities are also seeking to better capture and manage their precipitation, such as by requiring residents to collect rainwater.

For example, the Arizona city of Tucson, in the country’s... Read more

Person choosing grass through Build Your Own Basin

Arizona Republic


“Everyone should be doing this,” said Lisa Shipek, executive director for Water Management Group. The organization has been a cornerstone for expanding the practice in Tucson and in inspiring green infrastructure policy.

Shipek said... Read more

Hand holding removed arundo

Cronkite News


When Arundo grows, it creates a root base around native plants, causing an uplift by raising plants and disrupting the natural floodplain, said Lauren Monheim, program manager for Watershed Management Group’s River Run Network. “It also changes... Read more

Beaver survey by WMG along the San Pedro River

AZ Daily Star


It’s hard to believe that the North American beaver was once so ubiquitous in Southern Arizona that fur trappers in the 1800s used to refer to the San Pedro as Beaver River.

Those same trappers are the reason the animals went extinct in... Read more

Cindy Hu demonstrating rainwater absorption to kids

Washington Post


Back in Tucson, advocates for rain harvesting like Lisa Shipek are hoping the practice will spread as residents see its benefits.

The executive director of Watershed Management Group, a Tucson-based NGO, has built a showcase in her own... Read more

Monsoon Movie Night graphic.

This Is Tucson


Head to Watershed Management Group for a night of short films that celebrate monsoon rain, plus learn more about rainwater harvesting. There will also be a food truck, craft beer and rainwater iced tea! More...

Blue Moon Community Garden

Tucson Sentinel


A recent study from the National Low Income Housing Coalition ranked Arizona among the five worst states for affordable housing, with just 26 available options for every 100 extremely low income households.

Amid this crisis, state... Read more

PBS NewsHour


Last year set a record for heat-related deaths in the United States, and this year is already shaping up to be worse in terms of high temperatures. Stephanie Sy reports from Phoenix in Maricopa County, Arizona, which has been at the center of... Read more

WMG Docent Dan Stormont gives a public tour of a 10,000-gallon cistern at the Living Lab.

Arizona Daily Star


Local water conservation advocates Val Little and Eliza Stokes say the city needs to take additional steps to protect drinking water supplies from future uncertainties in river flows.

Little, founder of the nonprofit Water Conservation... Read more

Kids use a tippy tap at the Living Lab.

This Is Tucson


Head to Watershed Management Group for Family Saturdays! Learn about greywater and conservation, plus enjoy bilingual story time and a scavenger hunt, and build your own tippy tap. Bring any sturdy gallon jugs you may have at home for your tippy... Read more

Illustration of a Laundry-To-Landscape greywater system in action.

The Desert Leaf


Even better is to use captured rainwater for irrigation. One organization that works to expand knowledge of how to do that is Tucson's Watershed Management Group (WMG). 

"Watershed Management Group's Living Lab and Learning Center in... Read more

The entrance to Cultural Ecologist Joaquin Murrieta's backyard.

Arizona Public Media


Dr. Joaquin Murrieta-Saldivar’s backyard is a laboratory of sorts.

From cisterns to a composting toilet, he has put to use a range of methods for making the most of the water that falls on Tucson.

The goal is not just to save water... Read more