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Tucson Nonprofit, Officials Collaborate to Preserve Water

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Clean and dependable water is a valuable resource in desert environments like Southern Arizona.

Watershed Management Group - a local, nonprofit organization, whose main goal is to educate the public, and help them connect with the local environment - has been working the mayor's office and the Tucson Department of Transportation to preserve our water.

Tory Syracuse, one of the organization's executive directors, said this past year they were able to pass a green streets policy.

The policy requires that all new roadway development and redevelopment are designed to capture storm water.

"That storm water is a tremendous resource for growing trees and other vegetation," Syracuse said.

The group works with locals to create programs that will interest those in the community.

"Whatever the community is interested in learning more about or implementing, we're there to help support that," said Lisa Shipek, another executive director for Watershed Management.


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