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WMG’s Top Ten is Nasty, Fake News Baby!

We’re celebrating 2017 with our annual tradition of sharing the Top Ten Reasons To Give to WMG! 

WMG’s Top Ten

10. 2017 is the Year of the Nasty Woman. Women are marching in the streets, and our ladies are #IAmANastyWomanBecause they use all the tools at our Women's Build Workshops!

9. Ed Sheeran may be in love with the "Shape of You," but at WMG we're in love with the shape of your water-harvesting basins. Ooh!

8. Just as the moon eclipsed the sun back in August, we're bringing shade to the desert through our green infrastructure projects. You don’t need funny glasses to see them.

7. We Are One Watershed isn’t fake news; it’s the truth that connects all people together. Even a border wall can’t keep the Santa Cruz River flowing from Mexico into the U.S. 

6. Beyonce's twins aren't the only ones stirring up a media frenzy - WMG has been all over the news this year. Water conservation is hot!

5. Net Neutrality is apparently a bust, so join us to work on Wet Neutrality - our water demand can be met by a sustainable water supply from the sky. With our new grant and loan program, water harvesting is more assessable than ever! 

4. We're invested in restoring our rivers like millennials are invested in Bitcoin - all the way! Your donation to WMG will ensure our River Run Network doesn’t fizzle.

3. 2017 was one of the hottest years on record in Phoenix...and along with the rising temperature, things are really heating up at our WMG Phoenix office with new Docent and Cruise the Canal programs coming to life.

2. Lisa’s Fast Pitch win was as dramatic as the Houston Astros first-ever World Series win, but she hits the punch line in just 4 minutes, instead of 9 innings! 

1. What’s better than Justin Bieber’s version of Despacito? WMG’s version – Mi Rillito Despacito! WMG’s Joaquin Murrieta and Nate Clark give Louis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee a run for their money.