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Cruise the Canals

Cruise the Canals with WMG This program is currently on hiatus. 

Join WMG as we get active to learn about our local water infrastructure. This fun, educational series will take you on a bike ride tour to learn the history of our canals and engage our community in a conversation around water conservation.

These events are free and open to riders of all experience levels and families are encouraged to join - BYOB (Bring Your Own Bike!). No Bike? No Problem! You can easily rent a bike from Grid Bike to join the cruise.

Upcoming events

None are currently scheduled. 


For over 1,500 years the Salt River Valley has been supported by an intricate system of canals which were originally built by the Hohokam Native Americans who inhabited the valley between approximately A.D. 200 until their disappearance around A.D. 1450. Today, the Valley of the Sun is still supported by this historic canal system. The canals are modernized, upgraded, and managed by the Salt River Valley Water Users’ Association, commonly known as the Salt River Project (SRP). SRP maintains over 131 miles of canals and 1,000 miles of laterals and ditches which provide water to much of greater Phoenix valley.

Prehistoric Hohokam Irrigation Canals


If you have questions about the program, or you wish to bring a community cruise to the canals in your neighborhood, please contact Ryan Wood at rwood@watershedmg.org or 520-396-3266 x20.

Upcoming Cruise the Canals events

No events currently scheduled. Please check back soon