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Rainwater Harvesting Grant and Loan Program

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Everyone should be able to harvest rainwater at home! Rainwater harvesting installations are affordable and simple through our Grant and Loan program paired with our Design Build and Co-op programs.

Example of active and passive rainwater harvestingLimited-income households can apply for grants and loans to cover the costs of rainwater harvesting installations. WMG is offering a comprehensive program providing a free on-site consultation with our expert designers; rain garden and rain tank installation packages; and project financing through grants, loans, and rebates.

WMG is discounting our services for limited-income households so we can offer you packages with as little as $50 out of pocket expenses. The grants and rebates cover $1,400 to $2,400 of project costs. Additional project expenses, like guttering, can be covered through the interest-free loan option. Check out our household income chart to determine your eligibility for our grants and loans

Your Process from Start to Finish:

  1. Fill out the application
  2. WMG will inform you if you are approved within two weeks of applying
  3. If approved, sign up for rainwater harvesting class (rebate requirement), if you have not already taken one
  4. We will contact you to schedule consultation with WMG designer
  5. Have on-site consultation and pick rainwater harvesting installation package for rain gardens and rain tanks
  6. WMG prepares final scope of work and project costs
  7. Review final scope of work and sign project contract with payment plan
  8. Schedule project installation
  9. Project completed through WMG's Co-op or Design Build service
  10. WMG fills out Tucson Water rebate and applies it to your project costs
  11. Make monthly loan payments to WMG (if applicable)

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