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River Restoration

Our Flow365 plan ensures year-round flow in Sabino!

Since the 1950s, Lower Sabino Creek has experienced declining groundwater levels and reduced stream flow. As much as we’d like to “wave a wand” and bring back perennial flow to Sabino Creek, a river does not flow by magic. There is hard science involved—so we worked with our partners to develop this flow budget and get a clear picture of the dynamics at work.

We may not be magicians, but with our data and on-the-ground strategies pointing the way, the fantastic sight of a free-flowing Sabino Creek seems more realistic than ever!

You can help WMG repeat AZ Gives Day success in 2016!

For Arizona Gives Day 2015, Watershed Management Group (WMG) unveiled our Restore Sabino Creek campaign and called on our supporters to help us raise $50,000. Restoring this verdant gem in the Sonoran Desert was so compelling that we raised more than $44,000. This upwelling of support took WMG to the top in the competition for Most Dollars Raised (mid-size nonprofits), adding an additional $15,000 in prize money from the Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits—taking us $9,000 beyond our goal!

Solving Flooding Challenges with Green Stormwater Infrastructure in the Airport Wash Area

This report shows the results of an extensive study for the City of Tucson Ward 1 office in collaboration with the Pima County Regional Flood Control District to mitigate flooding with Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) or rain gardens. This report contains:

A summary of GSI opportunity identification
Flood mitigation modeling results
Green and grey infrastructure analysis
Cost benefit analysis
Priority project identification
Management and policy implications

Taking the lead to secure water for the Santa Cruz River

If we had a flowing river near Tucson, wouldn’t you want to make sure it stayed that way? We would! Tucson actually has a little-known gem like this. A 23-mile stretch of the Santa Cruz River as it runs north out of Tucson enjoys year-round flows supported by effluent, or treated wastewater. The water is cleaned and released into the river channel from two water treatment facilities near Roger and Ina Roads.


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