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River Restoration

Cienega Creek: A Restoration Story

The Cienega Creek Natural Preserve was established in 1986 under a resolution passed by the Pima County Board of Supervisors that authorized the Director of the Regional Flood Control District to acquire designated lands along the Cienega Creek corridor to preserve riparian habitat, reduce peak stormwater flows, and facilitate groundwater recharge. 

Field Guide to Riparian Restoration, and Upland and Arroyo Erosion

For rural and natural lands owners, managers, and restoration practitioners

We live in a unique part of the world, one of the world’s most diverse and wet deserts. People settled in this region thousands of years ago because of one amazing thing –water in the desert! The water that attracted our predecessors in now mostly gone. The two reasons for that are over-pumping our groundwater and the degradation of our washes, creeks, wetlands and rivers.

2019 Fall WMG Newsletter

Desert River Reborn - Local Water Supplies Shape the Future

The good news keeps coming for our rivers this year. In June, we celebrated the launch of the Santa Cruz Heritage Project, releasing recycled water into the river to support perennial ow through downtown Tucson. Now we learn another stretch of the Santa Cruz River is also owing regularly, thanks to restored groundwater levels.


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