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River Restoration

2018 WMG Impact Report: Rebels for Rain

Rebels for Rain, Let’s Reclaim our Rivers!

When WMG started the Green Living Co-op a decade ago, Tucson was thirsty for rainwater harvesting know-how and we brought it! For the last 10 years, the Co-op has helped push water harvesting from the environmental fringe into the mainstream. During that time, WMG instructors taught 366 water harvesting workshops to thousands of people, creating a groundswell of rebels for rain.

2018 Summer WMG Newsletter

We’re Crafting a 50-Year Roadmap to Restore Tucson’s Rivers!

How do you achieve an audacious 50-year vision? This summer, WMG staff is tackling that question by crafting our 50-year internal strategic plan for the River Run Network. The typical three-year strategic plan won’t cut it; so we’re defining goals, strategies and metrics for 5, 10, 25, and 50-year timelines. Intermediary goals and measurable metrics will ensure we reach our long-term goal of restoring Tucson’s heritage of flowing rivers.


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