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River Restoration

2018 Summer WMG Newsletter

We’re Crafting a 50-Year Roadmap to Restore Tucson’s Rivers!

How do you achieve an audacious 50-year vision? This summer, WMG staff is tackling that question by crafting our 50-year internal strategic plan for the River Run Network. The typical three-year strategic plan won’t cut it; so we’re defining goals, strategies and metrics for 5, 10, 25, and 50-year timelines. Intermediary goals and measurable metrics will ensure we reach our long-term goal of restoring Tucson’s heritage of flowing rivers.

Mi Rillito Despacito

WMG remade the most iconic song of 2017, a Latin sensation that reminded us to enjoy life a bit more slowly, Despacito! Our music video honors all the creeks and rivers we're working to restore, and the joy that comes from the journey. Despacito inspires us to capture the rain, slow it down, and sink it into the ground, so we can restore our rivers, pasito a pasito, bit by bit. Share our video, Mi Rillito Despacito, on Facebook!


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