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Expanded Tucson Water rebates for home and business

Tucson Water has expanded their Rainwater Harvesting rebate program. Beginning July 1, 2015 Tucson Water customers can claim rebates for rainwater-harvesting systems at homes and small businesses. In addition to single-family residences, for the first time multi-family residential and small commercial customers have access to rebates. This applies to any property with a 3/4" meter or smaller (contact Tucson Water if you are unsure of your meter size).

The rebates have also been expanded to cover curb cuts and rain gardens that harvest stormwater from the street! These streetside features, which were previously excluded from the rebates, qualify as passive water-harvesting systems that are eligible for rebates of up to $500.

The rebate amounts remain the same: passive rainwater-harvesting systems can receive a rebate for 1/2 of eligible costs up to $500; and active rain tank systems can be rebated at the following rates, up to $2000:

  • 50-799 gallons @ $0.25/gallon
  • 800+ gallons @ $1/gallon

Watershed Management Group can help you get the most out of the rebate program in a number of ways:

  1. Homeowners, you can work with our highly-trained and skilled instructors to plan and install your system. Visit our Co-op Program page to learn more about this fun, cost-effective way to install your system, and check out Services for Your Home for more details on what we have to offer you.
  2. Business owners also have access to a full array of WMG's design and project installation services. Visit our Services for Your Business page or contact Catlow Shipek for more information.
  3. To be eligible for rebates, you must attend an educational workshop. WMG offers these classes for free. Find more information and a schedule of classes on our website here.

And don’t forget about Tucson Water's Greywater rebate which covers 1/2 of eligible costs, up to $1000. By hosting or attending a WMG Co-op greywater workshop you can fulfill your educational requirement for this rebate! Sign up for our Co-op to receive a weekly email announcing these (and other) opportunities.

For more detailed information on the rebate requirements, please refer to Tucson Water's website.

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