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Green Living Co-op

WMG's Co-op will help you conserve water and energy, grow food, create wildlife habitat, all while saving money!
Our Co-op uses a barn-raising model, where you learn practical skills by helping implement projects at members' homes. When you are ready to transform your home landscape, you benefit from discounted rates on WMG services, and volunteer labor from your fellow Co-op members helps you get the job done.

WMG's residential rainwater harvesting installations are completed through our Green Living Co-op. To get started we would first provide you with a design as part of our Project Plan package. If you are intersted in moving forward to have the design implemented you (or an acumulation of your household members) will need to start banking hours by volunteering at our Small-Scale Co-op Workshops.

Workshops are held almost every Saturday and some weekdays. Once you have banked 8 hours volunteering at Co-op Workshops you can put down a project deposit (provided in your estimate) and we'll get your workshop on the calendar. 16 hours of volunteer time is required for each workshop hosted at your home. Once you have banked 8 hours volunteering at workshops, you will be considered a co-op member and get the 25% co-op discount when scheduling your Project Plan package and your workshop. 

Learn what it means to be a member of our Co-op!Let WMG help you plan and build your project!

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Click to see a larger map of water-harvesting projects installed through the Phoenix Co-op Click to see a larger map of water-harvesting projects installed through the Tucson Co-op 

News from our Co-op

We're back at it again—WMG's 9th Annual Homescape Harvest Tour is here! The virtual home tours will be available until Thursday, October 22nd. You can register any time before then to enjoy the virtual portion of the event! Adapted for CDC recommendations surrounding COVID-19, this year's tour will be offered virtually with a variety of home walk-throughs showcasing rain gardens, cisterns, passive & active solar systems, greywater systems, composting toilets, shady oases, lush food gardens...
Angie and Katrina Shah
The Shah sisters are two of the Green Living Co-op’s youngest volunteers, who got involved with the program about three years ago. “We are both part of the NHS (National Honors Society)/NJHS (National Junior Honors Society) at BASIS Oro Valley, and we collect community service hours as a part of this program. Our mom, who got involved with WMG when we were still little, loved the workshops and recommended them to us. These workshops have since become our greatest source of service hours! “The...
Richard Roati with his cistern. Photo by Owen Zerambo.
Richard Roati, a Green Living Co-op member since the beginning of the program 10 years ago, first began water harvesting in 1992 by utilizing laundry water for the fruit trees on his property. “When I found out about WMG’s Co-op program, I was super excited that water harvesting know-how was becoming accessible to me and to everyone. I remember attending workshops right away. I attended workshops at the park at Broadway and Country Club and several homes. I was so happy when my proposal to...
Green Living Co-op Member Marty Johnston.
It took Marty Johnston several years of being acquainted with WMG before getting his hands into the dirt. He took some WMG water harvesting classes about four years ago, and, he shares, “eventually, after seeing weekly emails that mentioned the Co-op, one week’s email had a photo of butterflies, and I have always wanted a yard full of butterflies, so I decided to attend.”  In addition to the skills he has learned by volunteering over 100 hours at the workshops, Johnson explains how his life...
Have you ever wondered how to harness the desert rains? Do you want to learn what a rain garden is and how creating rain gardens can help change flood conditions by slowing the rainwater? Do you want to know how rain gardens can create a desert oasis for native vegetation and urban wildlife? Then join WMG for our upcoming educational events and workshops! All are free! Get the details on upcoming classes and workshops here.