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Green Living Co-op

WMG's Co-op will help you conserve water and energy, grow food, and promote wildlife, all while saving money!
Our Co-op uses a barn-raising model, where you learn practical skills by helping implement projects at members' homes. When you are ready to transform your home landscape, you benefit from discounted rates on WMG services, and volunteer labor from your fellow Co-op members helps you get the job done.

Learn what it means to be a member of our Co-op!Let WMG help you plan and build your project!

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News from our Co-op

WMG's Hydrate Phoenix series will help you create a sustainable backyard oasis.
Learn how to create a sustainable backyard oasis with rainwater harvesting Register Now Learn how to create a sustainable backyard oasis at WMG’s six-part Hydrate Phoenix project series at SunUp Brewing Co in Central Phoenix. Each presentation includes a mini-project to create an action plan for your home. Hydrate with happy-hour priced local craft brews, and soak in knowledge about greywater, composting, and building a rain garden. Join us for your favorite topic, or...
Replacing your lawn with native plants and mulch reduces water use and improves the watershed.
Phoenix Valley residents, opprotunity is knocking! If you have been wanting to make over your yard to reduce your water use and showcase local desert plants, now is the time to take advantage of turf conversion rebates offered by seven municipalities in the Valley. WMG can help you convert your yard into a functional and aesthetic rain garden, complete with desert trees and attractive native plants supported by rainwater harvested on site. To get started, email Ryan Wood or call 602-618-6650...
Buy tickets today! Fall is in the air, and we are super excited to invite you to join one of our most anticipated events of the year—WMG's 5th Annual Homescape Harvest Tour on Saturday, October 17, 2015! We've lined up an A-list of sites with well-designed, beautiful, and affordable features to harvest water, energy, and food. You can spend the day exploring amazing home landscapes throughout Tucson at your own pace and learn from the homeowners firsthand. Join...
Rain provides a free and abundant source of landscape water.
Watershed Management Group is partnering with Metro Water to offer a free class on water harvesting to Metro Water customers on Tuesday, September 15, 2015, from 6:00 – 8:30 p.m. at the Metro Water District Office in Oro Valley. Learn from WMG’s expert system designers and installers how you can put your rainwater and graywater resources to use. You’ll learn how to capture every drop of rainwater for use in your landscape or garden and discover the benefits of reusing water...
WMG's project managers and volunteers install a rain tank at a Tucson home.
Tucson Water has expanded their Rainwater Harvesting rebate program. Beginning July 1, 2015 Tucson Water customers can claim rebates for rainwater-harvesting systems at homes and small businesses. In addition to single-family residences, for the first time multi-family residential and small commercial customers have access to rebates. This applies to any property with a 3/4" meter or smaller (contact Tucson Water if you are unsure of your meter size). The rebates have also been expanded to...