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A $80,199 Summer Fundraising Success!

A restored Santa Cruz River! Artwork by Dennis Caldwell. WMG's amazing supporters donated over $80,000 during our summer fundraising campaign, enabling us to surpass our goal of $75,000! Between our major donors, WMG's Stewardship Circle contributors, our monthly Flow donors, and all of the donations in-between, we tallied $80,199 in gifts. 

Your donations today fund our current boots-on-the-ground work and support watershed policy and planning work into the future - along with the hundreds of free classes and workshops we host annually. We're working on our 50-year vision to restore the desert's heritage flow of rivers and streams, and your support as a donor will help us collectively see a resilient future in the face of climate change. Learn more about our work by checking out our newsletters and annual reports - and please join us at one of our upcoming classes, workshops, tours, or creek walks!