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River Restoration Projects

River Run Network Restoration Workshop: Tanque Verde Arundo Removal - January 29th

Event Date:
01/29/2022 - 8:30am

We are excited to get our hands dirty to help restore seasonal flows and forest health along beautiful Tanque Verde Creek! Join Jim Washburne, WMG’s Senior Project Specialist and Arundo eradication expert to learn about and take action to remove the invasive Arundo donax (Giant cane).

River Run Network Restoration Workshop: Pantano Jungle Round Two

Event Date:
01/29/2022 - 8:00am

Spend a Saturday in the beautiful Cienega Creek and help restore this beautiful oasis. At one time, Cienega Creek was a beautiful marsh, filled with lush plants, many species, and year-round flowing water. WMG is working to restore this area by slowing, spreading, and sinking the flow into the ground with rock structures.

Using a Dry Irrigation Ditch to Restore a Historic Tucson Mesquite Grove

For well over a century, the Corbett Irrigation Ditch carried water from Tanque Verde Creek to the old Fort Lowell neighborhood, where it nourished farmland and helped to sustain a thick forest of native velvet mesquite trees. Now a group of residents, historians and conservationists have launched a campaign to restore the trees and fill the ditch with water again for the first time since it mysteriously ran dry roughly a decade ago.


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