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You Make it Possible: Going Hydro-Local—WMG's 2015 Annual Report

“Go Local”—you’ve been hearing this phrase for years now. A locally-focused lifestyle is good for the planet and builds stronger communities. Many of us strive to live by these words by shopping at local businesses, eating local food, and supporting local artists and tradespeople. This makes a lot of sense—and now, Watershed Management Group wants you and your neighbors to “use local water.”

Download our 2015 Annual Report to learn more about our efforts to go hydro-local. Huh?

Trust me, I understand your confusion. This isn’t about using tap water instead of bottled water (though I hope you’re already doing that!). Going local with your water means using the water resources that come from your own watershed. Unfortunately, many of us in the West depend on water being piped in from hundreds of miles away through our water utilities. Not only is this expensive and inefficient, it robs precious water supplies from another watershed where it is equally needed.

Making this shift may sound challenging, but each of us has the power to change this paradigm. With your support, we are mapping out the path to a local water future. Read about WMG’s latest trend of “Hydro-regionalism” and break down the numbers with our Sabino Creek Flow budget. Finally, I hope you’ll be inspired to learn what our Co-op members, donors, and partners are doing to help advance this powerful movement. Download the 2015 Annual Report to read more.
Locally yours,
Lisa Shipek
Executive Director

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