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We have a sneak peek at the Homescape Harvest Tour for you!

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Fall is in the air, and we are super excited to invite you to join one of our most anticipated events of the year—WMG's 6th Annual Homescape Harvest Tour on Saturday, October 1, 2016! We've lined up an A-list of sites with well-designed, beautiful, and affordable features to harvest water, energy, and food.

You can spend the day exploring amazing home landscapes throughout Tucson at your own pace and learn from the homeowners firsthand. Join the tour and fill your head with ideas for your dream yard! Experience rain gardens, cisterns, passive & active solar systems, greywater systems, composting toilets, shady oases, lush food gardens, wildlife habitat, and much more. Practices will range in size and cost, and many sites feature repurposed and recycled materials.

Tickets are $15—or $10 for bicycle riders, public transportation users, and those who carpool. Proceeds directly benefit WMG's Green Living Co-op program.

Thank you to our sponsors!



  Lil' John's Excavating, LLC   


    CB Richard Ellis, Pete Villaescusa



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