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Santa Cruz Creek Walk: Friends, Flow, & Animal Tracks!

On October 9th, community members joined River Run Network program manager, Lauren Monheim, for a creek walk along the Santa Cruz River in Marana! The spot that we visited has been flowing perennially for many years now with the release of effluent flow from the Tres Rios Water Treatment Plant. During our walk, we had the opportunity to see plenty of insect species that can typically be found in areas with flow, as well as evidence of animals that had been through the area recently. Take a look at some of the insects and tracks we saw!

Kathy Balman, a seasoned Flow365 volunteer who monitors this site regularly, joined us as well to share her experience with the area over the years. She was amazed by the changes she saw in the waterway with the recent monsoon rains, and the area continues to thrive and be a beautiful habitat for the species living there!