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La Emoción De La Lluvia

La autora de este artículo, Angélica Rascón, fue parte de nuestro equipo de pasantes en 2021 y aportó mucho en diferentes proyectos, especialmente al sur de Tucson. Se graduó de la Universidad de Arizona con una Maestría en Agua, Sociedad y Política; y aqui nos platica en este escrito lo que significa el monzón para ella y quienes la rodean.


El Monzón

The Beaver Environmental Assessment (EA) Has Been Released! Help Re-establish Beavers in Ciénega Creek Now.

It's an important time to take action to help beavers restore Ciénega Creek! The Bureau of Land Management recently took a step toward re-establishing beavers in Las Ciénegas National Conservation Area by posting its Environmental Assessment on this proposal. Thank you to all the WMG supporters who have been part of the Release the Beavers campaign over the last three years, and the over 175 River Run Network members who recently wrote advocacy postcards to help get the Environmental Assessment released! 

Help Re-Establish Beavers in Las Ciénegas National Conservation Area!

May 9th, 2022

Right now, we have a chance to help bring beavers back to Ciénega Creek! The Bureau of Land Management in Arizona is deciding whether to move forward with a proposal to re-establish beavers in Las Ciénegas National Conservation Area near Vail. As beaver believers, WMG strongly supports this plan – beavers were long-term inhabitants of our desert rivers until the rise of fur trapping in the 1800’s, and they play a key role in slowing down flows, improving water quality and storage, and recharging desert aquifers.

Excitement for the Rain

The author of this article, Angelica Rascon was part of our internship program in 2021 and contributed a lot in different projects, especially projects at south Tucson. She graduated from the University of Arizona with a Masters in Water, Society and Politics and, she shares with us what the monsoon means for her and those around her. 


The Monsoon

Fun Bilingual Bike Ride with Las Milpitas! ~ ¡Divertido Paseo Bilingüe con Las Milpitas!

We had a fantastic bilingual bike ride with River Run Network members on Saturday, January 23rd! We started at Las Milpitas, where we were able to tour an amazing community farm, and then we took a bike ride along the Santa Cruz River on The Loop. Las Milpitas is a true example of community sustainability and resilience in action, and we are so grateful that they showed us around their farm with an English and Spanish tour.

91.5 KJZZ: Jan. 4, 2022

Schools are back from winter break as the omicron variant continues to surge in Arizona. We’ll hear from a teacher about going back to the classroom. Plus, the story of Black farmers in the Southwest and how some of them are looking to return to their roots. That and more on The Show. More...

[Clip about WMG's beaver survey starts at the 43:23 mark.]


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