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River Run Network Restoration Workshop: "Beavering" in Ciénega Creek

On October 16th, members of the River Run Network joined WMG staff for a restoration workshop in the beautiful Ciénega Creek in the Horseshoe Bosque near Vail! With the guidance of Catlow Shipek, WMG's Policy & Technical Director, and James Lauder, Project Manager,  we were able to identify areas of the wash where WMG had previously done "beavering" work, our word for building dams from natural materials to slow water flow. We spent the morning repairing these dams to hold up during the next storm, as well as visiting the mesquite bosque closer to the creek. We had 12 people join our beavering effort and enjoyed hearing about the history of restoration efforts in the Ciénega Creek area from Catlow and James. 


If you were unable to attend this restoration workshop, the River Run Network is hosting another restoration workshop at the Pantano Jungle on Saturday, November 6th. You can register for that workshop here!