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Ring in the New Year with WMG's Top Ten Today!

We hope you love WMG’s annual Top Ten list as much as we do. It gives us a chance to let down our hair and enjoy the past year of accomplishments—all possible thanks to you. Please consider making a gift today to help us reach our stretch goal and raise $10,000 on the last day of the year!

10. A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away… the desert planet of Jakku could have used some Co-op workshops to install rain tanks and greywater systems.

9. Your Potty Is a Wonderland, our composting toilet music video, is surprisingly not yet collecting royalties on YouTube.

8. Staff member, Trevor Hare, coined our latest bumper sticker: Making the Wet Spots Wetter, Restore Sabino Creek. Gotta love a biologist’s sense of humor!

7. Mesquite pancakes are so yummy. Let’s "plant the water" and more Sonoran food forests to please your tummy.  

6. While we haven’t won the lottery, we’ve won lots of other things this year: AZ’s Greenest Workplace, Bicycle Friendly Business award, and most dollars raised on Arizona Gives Day!

5. Five Home Brewed Beers! Our singing and silliness are on full display in our 12 Gifts of Harvest holiday spoof.

4. You know something special has happened when Arizona tops California. The media is in a frenzy sharing Tucson’s (and WMG’s) leadership in water conservation to combat the drought in the West.

3. We have a monthly Flow program that’s not just for women; men can join too and make regular gifts to WMG. It’s painless!

2. Your donation ensures our most innovative classes can be offered free to the public, like our newest, 50 Shades of Greywater.

1. We’re scheming on how to start a WMG program based on media and humor. With your help, perhaps we could offer a competitive salary to lure in John Stewart.

With so many great reasons to give, make a gift to WMG today and ensure we can continue our great work together in 2016.

Thank you for giving and have a happy New Year,

Lisa Shipek
Executive Director


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