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#GivingTuesday is today! Give back with a gift to WMG.

One of the ways we most enjoy water is with a refreshing drink. Did you know it takes 34 gallons to make a glass of apple juice, 17 gallons for a glass of wine, and 31 gallons to make a pint of beer? And the simple water you drink from the tap—do you know where it comes from? Many of our water supplies comes from over-allocated watersheds and limited groundwater supplies. It’s time to turn the tap to a new source, one that is local and renewable.

WMG is asking you to make a donation on Giving Tuesday, to help us promote the use of rainwater, greywater, and stormwater in our communities, along with pushing conservation to the next level. Through our latest policy work and professional trainings, we are advocating for our latest idea of Hydro-Regionalism, meeting all of a region’s water needs with renewable supplies from the local watershed.

As usual, we start by walking the talk at home, at our Living Lab and Learning Center. With our rainwater, greywater, and stormwater harvesting, we no longer depend on groundwater or Colorado River water for our water needs. WMG is helping hundreds of homes and businesses make this shift annually, but with your help, we can scale up our programs to reach more people and serve critical shallow groundwater areas.

All donations made today will be doubled thanks to a challenge match from board members and major donors. We have $8,250 available in matching funds, so please make a gift and help us reach our goal of raising another $8,250 today!

Make your Giving Tuesday gift.


Lisa Shipek
Executive Director

P.S. All types of donations will be doubled through our match. Consider joining our monthly donor program, Flow, and the annual value of your gift will be matched.

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